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The 2008-2009 H1N1 influenza virus exhibits reduced susceptibility to antibody inhibition: implications for the prevalence of oseltamivir resistant variant virusesWu, WL; Lau, SY; Chen, Y; Wang, G; Mok, BWY; Wen, X; Wang, P; Song, W; Lin, T; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY; Chen, HL2012202
Two-dimension antigenic dendrogram and phylogenetic tree of avian influenza virus H5N1Lai, ACK; Wu, WL; Lau, SY; Guan, Y; Chen, H201293
The NS1 protein of influenza A virus interacts with cellular processing bodies and stress granules through RNA-associated protein 55 (RAP55) during virus infectionMok, BWY; Song, W; Wang, P; Tai, H; Chen, Y; Zheng, M; Wen, X; Lau, SY; Wu, WL; Matsumoto, K; Yuen, KY; Chen, H201244
Structural basis and sequence co-evolution analysis of the hemagglutinin protein of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 (2009) virusTse, H; Kao, RYT; Wu, WL; Lim, WWL; Chen, H; Yeung, MY; Woo, PCY; Sze, KH; Yuen, KY2011330
Infection of immunocompromised patients by avian H9N2 influenza A virusCheng, VCC; Chan, JFW; Wen, X; Wu, WL; Que, TL; Chen, H; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2011303
Properties and therapeutic efficacy of broadly reactive chimeric and humanized H5-specific monoclonal antibodies against H5N1 influenza virusesZheng, Q; Xia, L; Wu, WL; Zheng, Z; Huo, Y; Wu, J; Liu, Y; Yu, H; Chen, Y; Lau, SY; Chen, H; Luo, W; Xia, N2011186
Serological survey of antibodies to influenza A viruses in a group of people without a history of influenza vaccinationChen, Y; Zheng, Q; Yang, K; Zeng, F; Lau, SY; Wu, WL; Huang, S; Zhang, J; Chen, H; Xia, N2011200
Humanized antibodies with broad-spectrum neutralization to avian influenza virus H5N1Chen, Y; Luo, W; Wu, WL; Fang, Z; Xia, L; Gui, X; Chen, Y; Chen, H; Shih, JWK; Xia, N2010506
Broad cross-protection against H5N1 avian influenza virus infection by means of monoclonal antibodies that map to conserved viral epitopesChen, Y; Qin, K; Wu, WL; Li, G; Zhang, J; Du, H; Ng, MH; Shih, JWK; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y; Chen, H; Xia, N200992
Antigenic profile of avian H5N1 viruses in Asia from 2002 to 2007Wu, WL; Chen, Y; Wang, P; Song, W; Lau, SY; Rayner, JM; Smith, GJ; Webster, RG; Peiris, JSM; Lin, T; Xia, N; Guan, Y; Chen, H2008108
Characterization of low-pathogenic H5 subtype influenza viruses from Eurasia: Implications for the origin of highly pathogenic H5N1 virusesDuan, L; Campitelli, L; Fan, XH; Leung, YHC; Vijaykrishna, D; Zhang, JX; Donatelli, I; Delogu, M; Li, KS; Foni, E; Chiapponi, C; Wu, WL; Kai, H; Webster, RG; Shortridge, KF; Peiris, JSM; Smith, GJD; Chen, H; Guan, Y2007188
Avian influenza A (H5N1) infection in a patient in China, 2006.Chen, X; Smith, GJ; Zhou, B; Qiu, C; Wu, WL; Li, Y; Lu, P; Duan, L; Liu, S; Yuan, J; Yang, G; Wang, H; Cheng, J; Jiang, H; Peiris, JS; Chen, H; Yuen, KY; Zhong, N; Guan, Y200799
Establishment of multiple sublineages of H5N1 influenza virus in Asia: Implications for pandemic controlChen, H; Smith, GJD; Li, KS; Wang, J; Fan, XH; Rayner, JM; Vijaykrishna, D; Zhang, JX; Zhang, LJ; Guo, CT; Cheung, CL; Xu, KM; Duan, L; Huang, K; Qin, K; Leung, YHC; Wu, WL; Lu, HR; Chen, Y; Xia, MS; Naipospos, TSP; Yuen, KY; Hassan, SS; Bahri, S; Nguyen, TD; Webster, RG; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2006280
Secretion of Bacillus phytase from tobacco roots enhances phosphorus utilizationLim, BL; Wang, L; Wu, WL; Lung, SC; Yip, WK2003124
The introduction of a phytase gene from Bacillus subtilis improved the growth performance of transgenic tobaccoLim, BL; Wang, L; Cheng, CW; Wu, WL; Lung, SC; Yip, WK2003129
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