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A test of the substitution hypothesis: an analysis of urban and rural trends in solid/liquid poisoning suicides in TaiwanChen, YY; Kwok, RCL; Yip, PSF; Wu, KC201320
Digestive cancer management in Asia: position statements: a report on GI Oncology Summit in 2011Sung, JJ; Ng, EK; Lin, JT; Ho, KY; Ji, JF; Sugano, K; Poon, RTP; Chan, AT; Goh, KL; Han, KH; Chen, LL; Wu, KC; Ng, SS; Bresalier, RS; Chan, FK; Yau, TCC201233
Transgenic cyclooxygenase-2 expression and high salt enhanced susceptibility to chemical-induced gastric cancer development in miceLeung, WK; Wu, KC; Wong, CYP; Cheng, ASL; Ching, AKK; Chan, AWH; Chong, WWS; Go, MYY; Yu, J; To, KF; Wang, X; Chui, Yl; Fan, DM; Sung, JJY2008113
Vimentin supports mitochondrial morphology and organizationTang, HL; Lung, HL; Wu, KC; Le, AHP; Tang, HM; Fung, MC200897
Asia Pacific consensus recommendations for colorectal cancer screeningSung, JJY; Lau, JYW; Young, GP; Sano, Y; Chiu, HM; Byeon, JS; Yeoh, KG; Goh, KL; Sollano, J; Rerknimitr, R; Matsuda, T; Wu, KC; Ng, S; Leung, SY; Makharia, G; Chong, VH; Ho, KY; Brooks, D; Lieberman, DA; Chan, FKL2008306
Inhibition of gastric cancer cells associated angiogenesis by 15d-prostaglandin J 2 through the downregulation of angiopoietin-1Fu, YG; Sung, JJY; Wu, KC; Bai, AHC; Chan, MCW; Yu, J; Fan, DM; Leung, WK200680
Inhibition of gastric cancer-associated angiogenesis by antisense COX-2 transfectantsFu, YG; Sung, JJY; Wu, KC; Wu, HP; Yu, J; Chan, M; Chan, VYW; Chan, KK; Fan, DM; Leung, WK200560
A new battery capacity indicator for lithium-ion battery powered electric vehicles using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systemChau, KT; Wu, KC; Chan, CC2004225
A new battery capacity indicator for nickel-metal hydride battery powered electric vehicles using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systemChau, KT; Wu, KC; Chan, CC; Shen, WX2003120
Effects of somatostatin, octreotide and pitressin plus nitroglycerine on systemic and portal haemodynamics in the control of acute variceal bleedingZhang, HB; Wong, BCY; Zhou, XM; Guo, XG; Zhao, SJ; Wang, JH; Wu, KC; Ding, J; Lam, SK; Fan, DM2002111
A new battery residual capacity indicator for electric vehicles using adaptive neural fuzzy inference systemWu, KC; Chau, KT; Chan, CC; Shen, W200289
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