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Chromosome 3p12.3-p14.2 and 3q26.2-q26.32 are genomic markers for prognosis of advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaSheu, JJC; Lee, CH; Ko, JY; Tsao, GSW; Wu, CC; Fang, CY; Tsai, FJ; Hua, CH; Chen, CL; Chen, JY2009175
Numerical solutions on fracture of piezoelectric materials by hybrid elementWu, CC; Sze, KY; Huang, YQ2001226
Upper and lower bounds for evaluation of nonlinear fracture parametersSze, KY; Wu, CC; Huang, YQ199960
Penalty-equilibrating approach and an innovative formulation of 4-noded hybrid stress elementsWu, CC; Cheung, YK199685
General formulation of C° bending models based on the rational w-θ constraintCheung, YK; Jiao, ZP; Wu, CC199579
On optimization approaches of hybrid stress elementsWu, CC; Cheung, YK199565
The patch test condition in curvilinear coordinate system-Formulation and applicationCheung, YK; Wu, CC199374
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