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Neurodegeneration of the retina in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease: what can we learn from the retina?Chiu, K; Chan, TF; Wu, A; Leung, IYP; So, KF; Chang, RCC2012338
Comparison of oral impacts experienced by patients treated with labial or customized lingual fixed orthodontic appliancesWu, A; McGrath, C; Wong, RWK; Wiechmann, D; Rabie, ABM2011151
The first 5 years since Trauma Center Designation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of ChinaLeung, GKK; Chang, A; Cheung, FC; Ho, HF; Ho, W; Hui, SM; Kam, CW; Lai, A; Lam, KW; Leung, M; Liu, SH; Lo, CB; Mok, F; Rainer, TH; Shen, WY; So, FL; Wong, G; Wu, A; Yeung, J; Yuen, WK2011188
Pain and daily oral impact and satisfaction of patients treated with labial and lingual fixed appliancesWu, A; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, RWK; Wiechmann, D; Rabie, ABM200980
Communications network centrality correlates to organisational coordinationHossain, L; Wu, A20099
Dealing with the changing disease pattern and management in Paediatrics & Cardiology (Editorial)Chan, GCF; Wu, A200768
Actor centrality correlates to project based coordinationHossain, L; Wu, A; Chung, KKS200613
Measuring coordination through social networksHossain, L; Wu, A; Choi, B200613
Clinical significance of hepatic derangement in severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, HLY; Kwan, ACP; To, KF; Lai, ST; Chan, PKS; Leung, WK; Lee, N; Wu, A; Sung, JJY200581
Systemic autoimmune disease induced by dendritic cells that have captured necrotic but not apoptotic cells in susceptible mouse strainsMa, L; Chan, KW; TrendellSmith, NJ; Wu, A; Tian, L; Lam, AC; Chan, AK; Lo, CK; Chik, S; Ko, KH; To, CKW; Kam, SK; Li, XS; Yang, CH; Leung, SY; Ng, MH; Stott, DI; MacPherson, GG; Huang, FP2005298
Retrospective analysis of liver function derangement in severe acute respiratory syndrome [1]Chan, HLY; Leung, WK; To, KF; Chan, PKS; Lee, N; Wu, A; Tam, JSL; Sung, JJY200452
Effects of early corticosteroid treatment on plasma SARS-associated Coronavirus RNA concentrations in adult patientsLee, N; Allen Chan, KC; Hui, DS; Ng, EKO; Wu, A; Chiu, RWK; Wong, VWS; Chan, PKS; Wong, KT; Wong, E; Cockram, CS; Tam, JS; Sung, JJY; Lo, YMD200494
Severe acute respiratory syndrome: Report of treatment and outcome after a major outbreakSung, JJY; Wu, A; Joynt, GM; Yuen, KY; Lee, N; Chan, PKS; Cockram, CS; Ahuja, AT; Yu, LM; Wong, VW; Hui, DSC2004293
The use of proteomics in the discovery of serum biomarkers from patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeRen, Y; He, QY; Fan, J; Jones, B; Zhou, Y; Xie, Y; Cheung, CY; Wu, A; Chiu, JF; Peiris, JSM; Tam, PKH2004414
Increased Apoptotic Neutrophils and Macrophages and Impaired Macrophage Phagocytic Clearance of Apoptotic Neutrophils in Systemic Lupus ErythematosusRen, Y; Tang, J; Mok, MY; Chan, AWK; Wu, A; Lau, CS200388
Efficient hardware architecture for fast IP address lookupPao, D; Liu, C; Wu, A; Yeung, L; Chan, KS200367
Quantitative Analysis and Prognostic Implication of SARS Coronavirus RNA in the Plasma and Serum of Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeNg, EKO; Hui, DS; Chan, KCA; Hung, ECW; Chiu, RWK; Lee, N; Wu, A; Chim, SSC; Tong, YK; Sung, JJY; Tam, JS; Lo, YMD200361
Multiple brain abscesses in a patient with bilateral pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and immunoglobulin deficiencyTse, KC; Ooi, GC; Wu, A; Ho, PL; Ip, SK; Jim, MH; Lam, YM; Fan, YW; Tso, WK; Tsang, KW2003329
Human metapneumovirus detection in patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, PKS; Tam, JS; Lam, CW; Chan, E; Wu, A; Li, CK; Buckley, TA; Ng, KC; Joynt, GM; Cheng, FWT; To, KF; Lee, N; Hui, DSC; Cheung, JLK; Chu, I; Liu, E; Chung, SSC; Sung, JJY2003136
Efficient hardware architecture for fast IP address lookupPao, D; Liu, C; Wu, A; Yeung, L; Chan, KS2002291
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