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Perceptual skills in badminton: fMRI indicates differences in brain activation between expert and novice playersWright, M; Bishop, D; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, AB2008127
Activation of the brain's mirror network in anticipatory tasks.Abernethy, AB; Wright, M; Jackson, RC2008115
Investigation into the interactions between diadenosine 5′,5‴-P1,P4-tetraphosphate and two proteins: Molecular chaperone GroEL and cAMP receptor proteinTanner, JA; Wright, M; Christie, EM; Preuss, MK; Miller, AD200668
Diadenosine polyphosphate analog controls postsynaptic excitation in CA3-CA1 synapses via a nitric oxide-dependent mechanismMelnik, S; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Tsintsadze, T; Tsintsadze, V; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, N2006107
Effect of a non-hydrolyzable analog of diadenosine polyphosphates on NMDA-mediated currents in isolated pyramidal neurons of the rat hippocampusTsintsadze, VP; Fedorenko, AL; Tsintsadze, TSh; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, NA2006114
Diadenosine polyphosphate analogue modulates signal transduction in hippocampal slicesMel'nyk, SI; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Tsintsadze, TS; Tsintsadze, VP; Miller, ED; Lozova, NO2006109
The duality of LysU, a catalyst for both Ap4A and Ap3A formationWright, M; Boonyalai, N; Tanner, JA; Hindley, AD; Miller, AD2006112
Quantitative single-step purification of dinucleoside polyphosphatesWright, M; Tanner, JA; Miller, AD200394
The role of diadenosine polyphosphates in neurotransmission; Regulation of dendritic excitation in hippocampus by non-hydrolysable diadenosine polyphosphate analogueSergey, M; Timur, T; Wright, M; Tanner, JA; Krishtal, O; Miller, AD; Lozovaya, N200294
Diadenosine polyphosphate cellomics: Characterising proteins in prokaryotic stress that evolve and involve diadenosine polyphosphates.Tanner, JA; Wright, M; Miller, AD200297
Nutritional and insulin regulation of fatty acid synthetase and leptin gene expression through ADD1/SREBP1Kim, JB; Sarraf, P; Wright, M; Yao, KM; Mueller, E; Solanes, G; Lowell, BB; Spiegelman, BM1998245
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