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An introduction to the international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) for speech-language pathology: Its past, present and futureMa, EPM; Threats, T; Worrall, LE2008125
Forging partnership with volunteersWorrall, LE; Yiu, EML200069
Acoustic analysis in investigating connected speechYiu, EML; Worrall, LE; Longland, J2000122
Prevalence and risk factors of dysphonia in asthmatic patientsWorrall, LE; Dodd, S; Yiu, EML199874
Sentence production ability of a bilingual Cantonese/English agrammatic speakerYiu, EML; Worrall, LE199678
Pattern of grammatical disruption in Cantonese aphasic subjectsYiu, EML; Worrall, LE199678
Agrammatic production: A cross-linguistic comparison of English and CantoneseYiu, EML; Worrall, LE1996111
Preliminary results on an efficacy study of a volunteer-run Functional Communication Therapy programWorrall, LE; Cahill, L; Matthews, J; Yiu, EML199678
Normative data for the Boston naming test for Australian elderlyWorrall, LE; Yiu, EML; Hickson, LMH; Barnett, HM199574
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