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Endoscopic submuxosal dissection versus laparoscopic resection for early colorectal neoplasms: a case-control sutdyWong, TC; Chiu, PW; Ng, SS; Leung, WK; Lee, JF; Ng, EKO; Lau, JY; Chan, FK201045
A methodology of generating customer satisfaction models for new product development using a neuro-fuzzy approachKwong, CK; Wong, TC; Chan, KY2009106
The foreign exchange exposure of Chinese banksWong, TC; Wong, J; Leung, P2009186
Introducing algorithm portfolios to a class of vehicle routing and scheduling problemShukla, N; Dashora, Y; Tiwari, MK; Chan, FTS; Wong, TC2007109
An ESPC algorithm based approach to solve inventory deployment problemChan, FTS; Kumar, V; Wong, TC200790
Three-dimensional air-cargo loading problem: An evolutionary algorithm based approachChan, FTS; Kumar, N; Wong, TC200699
The application of lot streaming to assembly job shop environmentChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2006119
Flexible job-shop scheduling problem under resource constraintsChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, LY2006171
Premenstrual Syndrome among Chinese female undergradutes: Relationship with stress and general mental healthLee, AM; Wei, R; Chung, KF; Hui, KT; Ip, SK; Leung, HL; Liu, HL; Lui, SY; Ng, YH; Wong, MF; Wong, TC2005114
The application of genetic algorithms to lot streaming in job-shop scheduling problemChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2005136
A genetic algorithm-based approach to machine assignment problemChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, LY2005127
Optical properties of organic materials for optical communication devicesChoy, WCH; Tsui, WK; Leung, LML; Wong, TC; Chui, PC2005254
Lot streaming technique in job-shop environmentChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2005305
Equal size lot streaming to job-shop scheduling problem using genetic algorithmsChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2004280
A flexibility-based machine grouping problem using genetic algorithmsChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY200399
Optimization methodology with genetic algorithms and analytic hierarchy processes in supply chainsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Wong, TC; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Finke, G200395
Effects of a 2x4 appliance and reverse headgear in the correction of anterior crossbitesGu, Y; Rabie, ABM; Hagg, EUO; Bendeus, SAM; Wong, TC2000100
The effect of human mixed saliva on the cell surface hydrophobicity of Candida speciesLee, W; Chew, SK; Go, MK; Liew, CH; Wong, TC; Wan, TO; Yau, WH; Samaranayake, LP2000150
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