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SOAP3-dp: Fast, Accurate and Sensitive GPU-Based Short Read AlignerLuo, R; Wong, T; Zhu, J; Liu, CM; Zhu, X; Wu, E; Lee, LK; Lin, H; Zhu, W; Cheung, DWL; Ting, HF; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Yu, C; Li, Y; Li, R; Lam, TW201359
Formation of Dense Molecular Gas and Stars at the Circumnuclear Starburst Ring in the Barred Galaxy NGC 7552Pan, H A; Lim, JJL; Matsushita, S; Wong, T; Ryder, S201332
SOAP3: ultra-fast GPU-based parallel alignment tool for short readsLiu, CM; Wong, T; Wu, E; Luo, R; Yiu, SM; Li, Y; Wang, B; Yu, C; Chu, X; Zhao, K; Li, R; Lam, TW2012149
Star formation timescale in the circumnuclear starburst ring of barred galaxy NGC 7552Pan, HA; Lim, J; Matsushita, S; Wong, T201265
Efficient SNP-sensitive alignment and database-assisted SNP calling for low coverage samplesLuo, R; Yu, C; Liu, CM; Lam, TW; Wong, T; Yiu, SM; Li, R; Ting, HF201246
Presence of an in-situ component predicts reduced tumor aggressiveness in luminal subtype of invasive breast cancerWong, H; Leung, RCY; Lau, S; Chiu, J; Cheung, P; Wong, T; Liang, R; Epstein, R; Yau, T2011132
Clustering ortholog groups in transcript levelJia, Y; Wong, T; Song, YQ; Smith, D; Yiu, SM2010175
2D gel-based proteome and phosphoproteome analysis during larval metamorphosis in two major marine biofouling invertebratesThiyagarajan, V; Wong, T; Qian, PY2009241
The acceptance and feasibility of breast cancer screening in the EastKwong, A; Cheung, PSY; Wong, AYW; Hung, GTY; Lo, G; Tsao, M; Chan, EWK; Wong, T; Ma, M200845
Fenofibrate and diabetic retinopathyCheung, N; Wong, T200821
A memory efficient algorithm for structural alignment of RNAs with embedded simple pseudoknotsWong, T; Chiu, YS; Lam, TW; Yiu, SM2008129
Absence of CFTR is associated with pleiotropic effects on mucins in mouse gallbladder epithelial cellsKuver, R; Wong, T; Klinkspoor, JH; Lee, SP2006134
The production of oxysterols in bile by activated human leukocytesHaigh, WG; Wong, T; Lee, SP2006113
A simulation-based automated guided vehicle emulatorWong, T; Fung, KK; Lau, HYK200590
Nurses as Agents of Quality ImprovementChan, SSC; Thompson, D; Wong, T2005120
Evolution of Supply Chain Management process – From a case study on Tesco StoreFok, WWT; Tong, FCH; Wong, T2004211
Weak links in partnering supply chains? - Consultants' and subcontractors' views on project partneringSze, E; Kumaraswamy, MM; Wong, T; Yeung, N; Rahman, MM2003134
Forgiveness from the Perspectives of PsychologyHui, EKP; Ho, D; Wong, T2003113
The Overexpression of Bcl-2 Antagonizes the Proapoptotic Function of the Kappa-Opioid ReceptorWong, N; Diao, CT; Wong, T2003100
δ -Fit: A fast and accurate treatment of particle scattering phase functions with weighted singular-value decomposition least-squares fittingHu, Y-X; Wielicki, B; Lin, B; Gibson, G; Tsay, S-C; Stamnes, K; Wong, T2000170
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