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Pre-treatment EBV DNA differentiates different stages of undifferentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynxLee, VHF; Kwong, DLW; Lam, KO; Leung, DKC; Ho, PPY; Cheung, YT; Wong, SY; Tsang, JWH; Leung, TW201318
New High Definition Narrow Band Imaging vs Conventional White Light Colonoscopy for Detection of Colorectal Adenomas in Symptomatic Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Tandem ColonoscopyLo, OSH; Liu, KSH; Tong, SM; Wong, SY; Seto, WKW; Hung, IFN; Law, WL201321
Ten day sequential versus 10 day modified bismuth quadruple therapy as empirical firstline and secondline treatment for Helicobacter pylori in Chinese patients: an open label, randomised, crossover trialLiu, KS; Hung, IFN; Seto, WKW; Tong, T; Hsu, ASJ; Lam, FY; But, YKD; Wong, SY; Leung, WK201326
An ytterbium(iii) porphyrin induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and apoptosis in cancer cells: cytotoxicity and transcriptomics studiesKwong, WL; Sun, RWY; Lok, CN; Siu, AFM; Wong, SY; Low, KH; Che, CM201366
Identification of estrogen receptor-alpha as a new translational target of e1F4EGong, C; Cheung, YN; Wong, SY; Man, PS; Yang, N; Tsang, WH; Khoo, US201232
A prospective randomized trial with 7-day nitrofurantoin-moxifloxacin containing regime for highly resistant Helicobacter pylori infectionHung, IFN; Leung, WK; Liu, K; Seto, KW; But, D; Hsu, A; Tan, V; Wong, SY201236
FOXO3a represses VEGF expression through FOXM1-dependent and -independent mechanisms in breast cancerKaradedou, CT; Gomes, AR; Chen, J; Petkovic, M; Ho, KK; Zwolinska, AK; Feltes, A; Wong, SY; Chan, KYK; Cheung, YN; Tsang, JWH; Brosens, JJ; Khoo, US; Lam, EWF2012194
Prognostication of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) patient survivalWong, SY; Hai, Y; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Tsui, KL201173
Correlation of wind forces on building faces of a tall building with recessed cavitiesWong, SY; Cheng, L; Lam, KM201122
Wind-induced dynamic responses of a tall building with recessed cavitiesWong, SY; Lam, KM; To, P201122
Logistic regression analysis for predicting methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in-hospital mortalityHai, Y; Cheng, VC; Wong, SY; Tsui, KL; Yuen, KY2011121
Splice variant profiling in relation to tamoxifen resistance in breast cancerZhang, L; Chan, YK; Ip, YC; Tsang, WH; Cheung, YN; Wong, SY; Khoo, US201078
Proton pump inhibitors - a sting in the tale?Cheung, BMY; Hung, IFN; Wong, SY201078
Constitutively nuclear FOXO3a localization predicts poor survival and promotes Akt phosphorylation in breast cancerChen, J; Gomes, AR; Monteiro, LJ; Wong, SY; Wu, LH; Ng, TT; Karadedou, CT; Millour, J; Ip, YC; Cheung, YN; Sunters, A; Chan, KYK; Lam, EWF; Khoo, US2010187
Clarithromycin-amoxycillin-containing triple therapy: A valid empirical first-line treatment for helicobacter pylori eradication in Hong Kong?Hung, IFN; Chan, P; Leung, S; Chan, FSY; Hsu, A; But, D; Seto, WK; Wong, SY; Chan, CK; Gu, Q; Tong, TSM; Cheung, TK; Chu, KM; Wong, BCY2009196
Targeting granulin-epithelin precursor in breast cancerIp, YC; Chan, YK; Wong, SY; Cheung, ST; Khoo, US2009101
Dynamic wind loading of H-shaped tall buildingsLam, KM; Wong, SY; To, AP2009144
Prospective randomized study of selective neck dissection versus observation for N0 neck of early tongue carcinomaYuen, PW; Ho, CM; Chow, TL; Tang, LC; Cheung, WY; Ng, WM; Wei, WI; Kong, CK; Book, KS; Yuen, WC; Lam, AK; Yuen, NW; Trendell-Smith, NJ; Chan, YW; Wong, BYH; Li, GKH; Ho, ACW; Ho, WK; Wong, SY; Yao, TJ2009392
An Open-channel Architecture Assembly from the [Os3(CO)8{m-h3-ON=CPh(NC5H4)}2] ClusterWong, SY; Gu, Y; Sze-To, L; Wong, WT2008123
Upper gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with aspirin and clopidogrel co-therapyNg, FH; Lam, KF; Wong, SY; Chang, CM; Lau, YK; Yuen, WC; Chu, WM; Wong, BCY2008235
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