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Systematic screening for diabetic retinopathy in Hong KongLian, J; Wong, SH; Chan, KW; Gangwani, RA; Hedley, AJ; Lam, LK; Yap, KH; Lai, WW; Chu, WS; McGhee, S201271
Antralization at the edge of proximal gastric ulcers: Does Helicobacter pylori infection play a role?Xia, HHX; Lam, SK; Wong, WM; Hu, WHC; Lai, KC; Wong, SH; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Wright, NA; Wong, BCY2003104
The application of clinical simulation in crisis management training.Wong, SH; Ng, KF; Chen, PP2002356
Bifid thumbs in children: the concept of total reconstructionWong, SH; Ip, FK; Lam, CK; Wu, WC; Luk, KDK; Chow, SP199484
Preoperative and intraoperative localisation of gastrointestinal bleeding of obscure originLau, WY; Fan, ST; Wong, SH198750
Effects of zinc sulphate on ethanol- and indomethacin-induced ulceration and changes in prostaglandin E2 and histamine levels in the rat gastric glandular mucosaCho, CH; Ogle, CW; Wong, SH; Koo, MWL1985108
Prophylaxis of post-appendicectomy sepsis by metronidazole and ampicillin: A randomized, prospective and double-blind trialLau, WY; Fan, ST; Yiu, TF; Wong, SH198346
Acute torsion of the gall bladder in the aged: A re-emphasis on clinical diagnosisLau, WY; Fan, ST; Wong, SH198245
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