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High titer and avidity of nonneutralizing antibodies against influenza vaccine antigen are associated with severe influenzaTo, KKW; Zhang, AJX; Hung, IFN; Xu, T; Ip, WCT; Wong, RTY; Ng, JCK; Chan, JFW; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2012127
Detection of pneumocystis jirovecii in adult patients with acute and chronic respiratory tract infectionsTo, KKW; Hung, IFN; Xu, T; Wong, RTY; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY201255
Evolutionary and transmission dynamics of reassortant H5N1 influenza virus in IndonesiaLam, TTY; Hon, CC; Pybus, OG; Kosakovsky Pond, SL; Wong, RTY; Yip, CW; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008151
Phylogenetic evidence for homologous recombination within the family BirnaviridaeHon, CC; Lam, TTY; Yip, CW; Wong, RTY; Shi, M; Jiang, J; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008189
Screening of differentially expressed transcripts in infectious bursal disease virus-induced apoptotic chicken embryonic fibroblasts by using cDNA microarraysWong, RTY; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2007134
Fatty Acid Composition and Squalene Content of the Marine Microalga Schizochytrium mangroveiJiang, Y; Fan, KW; Wong, RTY; Chen, F2004212
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