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Spirituality in schizophrenia: integrative perspectives from patients, family members and psychiatristsHo, RTH; Chen, EYH; Lo, HYP; Leung, PPY; Wong, PH201330
Understanding student engagement with a contextual modelLam, SF; Wong, PH; Yang, H; Liu, Y201289
Anterior clinoidectomy for proximal vascular controlWong, PH; Lui, WM201269
The Effectiveness of Paired Reading Program for Preschoolers and Their ParentsLam, SF; Chow-Yeung, K; Lau, KK; Wong, PH201163
Study skills programLam, SF; So, AWO; Tam, TY; Wong, PH201066
How Parents Perceive and Feel about Participation in Community Activities: The Comparison between Parents of Preschoolers with and without AutismLam, SF; Wong, PH; Leung, D; Ho, D; Au-yeung, P2009101
Coping Strategies in Community Integration: The Case of Hong Kong Parents of Preschoolers with AutismWong, PH; Lam, SF; Leung, D; Ho, D; Au-yeung, P2008120
Target Oriented Curriculum Evaluation Project: Interim ReportMorris, PJTF; Ng, YY; Ng, FP; Ko, PY; Au, ML; Wan Chan, CKK; Chan, CWY; Morris, E; Wong, PH; Wong, WM; Adamson, RD; Lai Au Yeung, WYW; Fung Lo, ML1997155
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