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SpliceArray profiling of breast cancer reveals a novel variant of NCOR2/SMRT that is associated with tamoxifen resistance and control of ERα transcriptional activity.Zhang, L; Gong, C; Lau, SLY; Yang, N; Wong, OGW; Cheung, ANY; Tsang, JWH; Chan, KYK; Khoo, US201346
Stem cell transcription factor NANOG controls cell migration and invasion via dysregulation of E-cadherin and FoxJ1 and contributes to adverse clinical outcome in ovarian cancersSiu, MKY; Wong, ESY; Kong, DSH; Chan, HY; Jiang, L; Wong, OGW; Lam, EWF; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, AN2013117
Dysregulated stemness-related genes in gynecological malignanciesMak, VCY; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2012100
Comparison of the genoflow human papillomavirus (HPV) test and the linear array assay for HPV screening in an Asian populationWong, OGW; Lo, CK; Chow, JNK; Tsun, OKL; Szeto, E; Liu, SS; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2012125
Overexpression of dedicator of cytokinesis I (Dock180) in ovarian cancer correlated with aggressive phenotype and poor patient survivalZhao, F; Siu, MKY; Jiang, L; Tam, KF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, OGW; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2011147
Efficacy of Abbott RealTime High Risk HPV test in evaluation of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance from an Asian screening populationWong, OGW; Lo, CK; Szeto, E; Cheung, ANY2011136
iASPP and chemoresistance in ovarian cancers: Effects on paclitaxel-mediated mitotic catastropheJiang, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Lu, X; Lam, EWF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, ESY; Monteiro, LJ; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2011167
Overexpressed PAK4 promotes proliferation, migration and invasion of choriocarcinomaZhang, HJ; Siu, MKY; Yeung, MCW; Jiang, LL; Mak, VCY; Ngan, HYS; Wong, OGW; Zhang, HQ; Cheung, ANY2011474
Downregulation of ASPP2 in choriocarcinoma contributes to increased migratory potential through Src activationMak, VCY; Lee, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Lu, X; Ngan, HYS; Wong, ESY; Cheung, ANY201175
Dysregulated FBI-1 in gestational trophoblastic neoplasmsMak, VCY; Ng, WY; Jiang, LL; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY201175
Downregulation of ASPP1 in gestational trophoblastic disease: Correlation with hypermethylation, apoptotic activity and clinical outcomeMak, VCY; Lee, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Lu, X; Ngan, HYS; Wong, ESY; Cheung, ANY2011514
Microarray-in-microwell HPV profiling of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance in an Asian screening populationCheung, ANY; Wong, OGW; Yang, MS; Tsang, CH; Ji, SL; Lo, CK; Szeto, EF; Wong, E; Ngan, HYS2010302
Dysregulated expression of stem cell transcription factor Nanog in development and progress of ovarian cancersSiu, MKY; Wong, ESY; Kong, DSH; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, ANY20101,057
Overexpression of proto-oncogene FBI-1 activates membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase in association with adverse outcome in ovarian cancersJiang, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Lam, EWF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2010193
Hypermethylation of SOX2 Promoter in Endometrial CarcinogenesisWong, OGW; Huo, Z; Siu, MKY; Zhang, H; Jiang, L; Wong, ESY; Cheung, ANY2010157
Dysregulated expression and function of Plexin-β1 in ovarian cancersWong, OGW; Siu, MKY; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2010334
p21-activated kinase 4 regulates ovarian cancer cell proliferation, migration, and invasion and contributes to poor prognosis in patientsSiu, MKY; Chan, HY; Kong, DSH; Wong, ESY; Wong, OGW; Ngan, HYS; Tam, KF; Zhang, H; Li, Z; Chan, QKY; Tsao, SW; Strömblad, S; Cheung, ANY2010181
TrkB as a therapeutic target for ovarian cancerSiu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Cheung, ANY2009143
Yeast arginine methyltransferase Hmt1p regulates transcription elongation and termination by methylating Npl3pWong, CM; Tang, VHM; Kong, EKY; Wong, OGW; Qiu, H; Jin, DY; Hinnebusch, AG2009110
A novel and effective hepatocyte growth factor kringle 1 domain and p53 cocktail viral gene therapy for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinomaShen, Z; Wong, OGW; Yao, RY; Liang, J; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2008140
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