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Predictors of Treatment Outcome in Patients Treated with Radical Chemoradiotherapy For Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung CancerChan, WL; Lee, VHF; Choy, TS; Ho, PPY; Leung, DKC; Wong, LS; Lam, KO; Kwong, DLW; Leung, TW201214
Biweekly cetuximab and first-line chemotherapy in Chinese patients with K-RAS wild-type coloectal cancersChan, WL; Lee, VHF; Ho, PPY; Leung, DKC; Wong, LS; Siu, WKS; Liu, KY; Leung, TW201223
Efficacy and toxicity of reirradiation using Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for recurrent or second primary nasopharyngeal carcinomaHo, P; Chua, DTT; Wong, LS; Lee, VHF; Leung, TW201219
Errors in the identification of the transepicondylar and anteroposterior axes of the distal femur in total knee replacement using minimally-invasive and conventional approaches: A cadaver studyYau, WP; Leung, A; Liu, KG; Yan, CH; Wong, LS; Chiu, KY2008115
Inter- and intra-observer error in distal femur transepicondylar axis measurement by using computerized tomographyLie, CWH; Yau, WP; Chiu, PKY; Leung, HB; Wong, LS; Wong, S200895
Fabrication and evaluation of polyhydroxybutyrate and Hydroxyapatite/Polyhydroxybutyrate composite scaffolds for tissue engineering applicationsSultana, N; Wong, LS; Wang, M2008175
Inter- and Intraobserver error in distal femur transepicondylar axis. Measurement with computed tomography (abstract number 16434)Lie, CWH; Yau, WP; Chiu, PKY; Leung, HB; Wong, LS; Wong, HM2008100
Errors in obtaining visually selected anatomical landmarks during registration process in non-image-based navigation-assisted total knee replacement: comparison between minimal incision approach and conventional incision approachYau, WP; Yan, CH; Wong, LS; Leung, A; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM2005133
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