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IPA-3 inhibits the growth of liver cancer cells by suppressing PAK1 and NF-kB activationWong, LLY; Lam, PY; WONG, YN; Lai, WL; Liu, MHF; Yeung, LL; Ching, YP201340
The centrosomal protein Tax1 binding protein 2 is a novel tumour suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma regulated by cyclin-dependent kinase 2Lai, WL; Hung, WY; Wong, LLY; Zhou, Y; Leong, VYL; Lee, MF; Ng, IOL; Jin, D; Ching, YP2012165
AMPK promotes p53 acetylation via phosphorylation and inactivation of SIRT1 in liver cancer cellsLee, CW; Wong, LLY; Tse, EYT; Liu, HF; Leong, VYL; Lee, JMF; Hardie, DG; Ng, IOL; Ching, YP2012159
An investigation on p21-activated protein kinase 1 inhibitor, IPA-3, in hepatocellular carcinomaWong, LLY; Lam, IPY; Wong, TYN; Lai, WL; Zhou, Y; Hung, WY; Ching, YP2012122
The two PPX-GppA homologues from Mycobacterium tuberculosis have distinct biochemical activitiesChoi, MY; Wang, Y; Wong, LLY; Lu, Bt; Chen, Wy; Huang, JD; Tanner, JA; Watt, RM2012136
Characterization and mutational analysis of an exopolyphosphatase from Mycobacterium smegmatisChoi, MY; Wong, LLY; Tanner, JA; Watt, RM2011132
Identification of liver proteins and their roles associated with carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicityWong, LLY; Fan, ST; Man, K; Sit, WH; Jiang, PP; Jor, IWY; Lee, CYK; Ling, WL; Tam, KT; Wan, JMF2011270
The cell cycle effects of docosahexaenoic acid on human metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma proliferationLee, CYK; Sit, WH; Fan, ST; Man, K; Jor, IWY; Wong, LLY; Wan, MLY; TanUn, KC; Wan, JMF20102,259
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