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Teacher questions in the EAP classroom: teacher cognitions and student beliefsPat, K; Wong, A; Wong, L201325
Validation study of the Chinese Identification Pain Questionnaire for neuropathic painChan, A; Wong, S; Chen, PP; Tsoi, TH; Lam, J; Ip, WY; Wong, CP; Wong, L; Mok, V201184
Detection of cryptic pathogenic copy number variations and constitutional loss of heterozygosity using high resolution SNP microarray analysis in 117 patients referred for cytogenetic analysis and impact on clinical practiceBruno, DL; Ganesamoorthy, D; Schoumans, J; Bankier, A; Coman, D; Delatycki, M; Gardner, RJM; Hunter, M; James, PA; Kannu, P; Mcgillivray, G; Pachter, N; Peters, H; Rieubland, C; Savarirayan, R; Scheffer, IE; Sheffield, L; Tan, T; White, SM; Yeung, A; Bowman, Z; Ngo, C; Choy, KW; Cacheux, V; Wong, L; Amor, DJ; Slater, HR200985
Breast cancer treatment choices in Hong Kong Chinese womenSuen, DTK; Wong, L; Kwong, A200839
Hypoxia dysregulates the production of adiponectin and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 independent of reactive oxygen species in adipocytesChen, B; Lam, KSL; Wang, Y; Wu, D; Lam, MC; Shen, J; Wong, L; Hoo, RLC; Zhang, J; Xu, A2006194
Unusual cause of deep vein thrombosis - Iliopsoas bursa compressing the femoral veinNg, TP; Lai, A; Wong, L; Ting, ACW; Chiu, PKY200687
Correction of extreme overjet in 2 phasesWong, L; Hägg, U; Wong, G200698
Inter- and Intra-observer errors in measuring transepicondylar axis of distal femur using computerized tomogramLie, WH; Yau, WP; Wong, S.; Wong, L; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM200575
Design of wide-spectrum inhibitors targeting coronavirus main proteases.Yang, H; Xie, W; Xue, X; Yang, K; Ma, J; Liang, W; Zhao, Q; Zhou, Z; Pei, D; Ziebuhr, J; Hilgenfeld, R; Yuen, KY; Wong, L; Gao, G; Chen, S; Chen, Z; Ma, D; Bartlam, M; Rao, Z2005145
A combined first-principles calculation and neural networks correction approach for evaluating Gibbs energy of formationWang, X; Hu, L; Wong, L; Chen, G2004126
Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Polyethylene Glycol Solution, One Dose and Two Doses of Oral Sodium Phosphate SolutionLaw, WL; Choi, HK; Chu, KW; Ho, JWC; Wong, L200495
Clinical and electrophysiological features in Chinese patients with Kennedy's diseaseHui, ACF; Cheung, PT; Tang, ASY; Fu, M; Wong, L; Kay, R2004101
Adiponectin Ameliorates Dyslipidemia Induced by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Protease Inhibitor Ritonavir in MiceXu, A; Yin, S; Wong, L; Chan, KW; Lam, KSL2004117
Improving the accuracy of density-functional theory calculation: The statistical correction approachWang, X; Wong, L; Hu, L; Chan, C; Su, Z; Chen, G2004165
Social Policy under One Country, Two Systems: Institutional Dynamics in China and Hong Kong since 1997Holliday, I; Wong, L200353
Hyperfine structure of the near infrared transitions of CoI and CoClWong, L; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC200382
Replicating mesenchymal cells in the condyle and the glenoid fossa during mandibular forward positioningRabie, ABM; Wong, L; Tsai, M200383
Near infrared spectroscopy of CoIWong, L; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC200397
Correlation of replicating cells and osteogenesis in the glenoid fossa during stepwise advancementRabie, ABM; Wong, L; Hägg, U200393
The challenges of global capitalism: Unemployment and state workers' reactions and responses in post-reform ChinaMok, KH; Wong, L; Lee, GOM200275
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