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The evolution of supportive care needs trajectories in women with advanced breast cancer during the 12 months following diagnosisLam, WWT; Tsang, JWH; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Yau, TK; Soong, I; Wong, KY; Kwong, A; Suen, TKD; Sze, WK; Ng, WY; Girgis, A; Fielding, R201422
App-solutely fabulous! But are they effective for oral health promotion?Au, SWW; Chan, JSM; Fok, MR; Ho, CY; Mak, CW; Wong, CKK; Wong, KY; McGrath, CPJ201323
The evolution of psychological distress trajectories in women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer: a longitudinal studyLam, WWT; Soong, I; Yau, TK; Wong, KY; Tsang, JWH; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Sze, WK; Ng, AW; Kwong, A; Suen, TKD; Fielding, R201319
Expanded Prader-Willi Syndrome Due to Chromosome 15q11.2-14 Deletion: Report and a Review of LiteratureLiu, APY; Tang, WF; Lau, ETK; Chan, YK; Kan, SYA; Wong, KY; Tso, WYW; Jalal, K; Lee, SL; Chau, CSK; Chung, BHY2013166
Supportive care needs in Hong Kong Chinese women confronting advanced breast cancerAu, A; Lam, W; Tsang, J; Yau, TK; Soong, I; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Wong, KY; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Sze, WK; Ng, A; Girgis, A; Fielding, R2013117
Surgical management of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis: 10 years of experience in a tertiary referral centre in Hong KongCo, M; Pang, SY; Wong, KY; Ip, EWK; Yuen, WK201312
Modeling Zero-Inflated Count Data Using a Covariate-Dependent Random Effect ModelWong, KY; Lam, KF201338
Epigenetic inactivation of the MIR129-2 in hematological malignanciesWong, KY; Yim, RLH; Kwong, YL; Leung, CY; Hui, PK; Cheung, F; Liang, RHS; Jin, DY; Chim, JCS201338
Establishment of a bortezomib-resistant Chinese human multiple myeloma cell line: MMLALWong, KY; Wan, TSK; So, JCC; Chim, JCS201316
Epigenetic inactivation of miR-9 family microRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia--implications on constitutive activation of NFκB pathwayWang, LQ; Kwong, YL; Kho, CS; Wong, KF; Wong, KY; Ferracin, M; Calin, GA; Chim, JCS201317
A semiparametric cure model for interval-censored dataLam, KF; Wong, KY; Zhou, F201328
Rab25 is a tumor suppressor gene with anti-angiogenic and anti-invasive activities in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaTong, M; Chan, KW; Bao, Y; Wong, KY; Chen, J; Kwan, PS; Tang, KH; Fu, L; Qin, YR; Lok, S; Guan, X; Ma, SKY201246
COG5-CDG with a Mild Neurohepatic PresentationFung, CW; Matthijs, G; Sturiale, L; garozzo, D; Wong, KY; Wong, RMS; Wong, VCN; Jaeken, J201291
DNA Methylation of Tumor Suppressive miRNAs in Non-Hodgkin’s LymphomasYim, RLH; Kwong, YL; Wong, KY; Chim, JCS201242
Short circuit current improvement in planar heterojunction organic solar cells by multijunction charge transferWang, JC; Shi, SQ; Leung, CW; Lau, SP; Wong, KY; Chan, KL2012167
Emergency management of dental trauma: knowledge of Hong Kong primary and secondary school teachers.Young, C; Wong, KY; Cheung, LK201229
Patterns of psychological distress among Chinese women diagnosed with advanced breast cancerLam, WWT; Ng, J; Tsang, J; Yau, TK; Soong, I; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Wong, KY; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Sze, WK; Ng, A; Fielding, R201236
Concomitant plasmacytoma and B cell lymphoma with discordant light chain expression but clonal identityAu, WY; Lau, WH; Wong, KY; Choi, WWL2012125
DNA methylation of microRNA genes in multiple myelomaWong, KY; Huang, X; Chim, CS2012146
Simulation of vibrations of Ting Kau Bridge due to vehicular loading from measurementsAu, FTK; Lou, P; Li, J; Jiang, R; Zhang, J; Leung, CCY; Lee, PKK; Lee, JH; Wong, KY; Chan, HY2011203
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