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Orexins and their receptors from fish to mammals: A comparative approachWong, KKY; Ng, SYL; Lee, LTO; Ng, HKH; Chow, BKC2011173
Characteristics of supercontinuum generation under the influence of a weak continuous-wave triggerLi, Q; Li, F; Wong, KKY; Lau, APT; Tsia, KK; Wai, PKA2011105
Computed tomography evaluation of congenital esophageal atresia with fistula: a 10-year reprisalWong, KKY; Chan, IHY; Tam, PKH200877
Diagnosing acute appendicitis: are we overusing radiological investigations?Wong, KKY; Cheung, T; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2008100
Comparing open and pneumovesical approach for ureteric reimplantation in pediatric patientsChung, PHY; Tang, DY; Wong, KKY; Yip, PKF; Tam, PKH200872
Is prenatal diagnosis of choledochal cysts beneficial?Wong, KKY; Foo, D; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH200771
Deflux injection for the treatment of vesicoureteric reflux in children - a single centre's experienceChung, HY; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH200778
The impact of antenatal diagnosis on small bowel atresia revisitedWong, KKY; Leung, KH; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH; Chan, HY200780
The anti-inflammatory properties of nanosilverCheung, OFS; Wong, KKY; Ho, CM; Che, CM; Tam, PKH2007246
The use of MRI in helping sex determination decision making for intersex patientsChan, HY; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2007101
Comparison on crosstalk tolerance of RZ-DPSK and RZ-OOK modulation format in fiber optical parametric amplifierKuo, BPP; Chui, PC; Wong, KKY2007174
Evaluation of a standardised protocol in the use of steroids after Kasai operationChung, HY; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH200781
Comparison of laparaoscopic vs open pyeloplasty in childrenLan, LCL; Yip, PKF; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH200672
Pitfalls of performing Kasai portoenterostomy: a perspective from a liver transplantation centreWong, KKY; Fan, ST; Tam, PKH200676
The impact of laparoscopic appendicectomy on pediatric surgical trainingTam, PKH; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL200671
Placement of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children with ventriculoperitoneal shuntLan, LCL; Lee, KK; Lin, CL; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH2005103
Trends in the prevalence of H. pylori in symptomatic children in the era of eradicationWong, KKY; Chung, PHY; Lan, LCL; Lin, CL; Tam, PKH200579
Laparoscopic resection of tracheobronchial remnants causing congenital esophageal stenosisWong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Yip, PKF; Tam, PKH2005103
Parenteral nutrition is a major risk factor for children undergoing central venous catheterizationLan, LCL; Lin, CL; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH200571
Instruments used in rigid and flexible endoscopyTam, PKH; Wong, KKY2005168
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