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Depression care management programme in primary care setting: A pilot studyLeung, AYM; Chu, DWS; Yung, A; Wong, JGWS; Law, ACK201336
Depression care management programme in primary care setting: A pilot study.Leung, AYM; Chu, DWS; Yung, A; Wong, JGWS; Law, ACK201333
Psychological well-being of interns in Hong Kong: What causes them stress and what helps themLam, TP; Wong, JGWS; Ip, MSM; Lam, KF; Pang, SL2010109
Stress and psychological distress among SARS survivors 1 year after the outbreakLee, AM; Wong, JGWS; McAlonan, GM; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Sham, PC; Chu, NM; Wong, PC; Tsang, KWT; Chua, SE2007152
Immediate and sustained psychological impact of an emerging infectious disease outbreak on health care workersMcAlonan, GM; Lee, AM; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Tsang, KWT; Sham, PC; Chua, SE; Wong, JGWS2007135
The role of knowledge and motivation in symptom identification accuracy among schizophrenic patients: Application of signal detection theoryWong, AWS; Chiu, CY; Mok, JWY; Wong, JGWS; Chen, EYH200698
Teaching and learning of medical professionalism - medical students' experience at the University of Hong KongTang, HNA; Wong, JGWS; Patil, NG; Mak-Lieh, F200688
Cultivating psychological well-being in Hong Kong's future doctorsWong, JGWS; Patil, NG; Beh, SL; Cheung, EPT; Wong, V; Chan, LC; Lieh Mak, F2005158
Impact of untreated psychosis on quality of life in patients with first-episode schizophreniaLaw, CW; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Wong, JGWS; Lam, CLK; Leung, KF; Lo, MSM2005121
Decision-making capacity of inpatients with schizophrenia in Hong KongWong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Chen, EYH2005154
An instrument to assess mental patients' capacity to appraise and report subjective quality of lifeWong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Chen, EYH; Chan, RCK; Law, CW; Lo, MSM; Leung, KF; Lam, CLK2005126
Perceived extent of recovery and risk of relapse following first episode psychosisTam, KP; Chen, EYH; Law, CW; Chiu, C; Wong, JGWS200594
A randomized placebo controlled double blind trial of augmentation of clozapine with risperidoneHoner, W; EacEwan, GW; Williams, R; Falkai, P; McKenna, PJ; Clotet, P; Chen, EYH; Leung, SP; Wong, JGWS; Stip, E200595
"I can put the medicine in his soup, Doctor!"Wong, JGWS; Poon, Y; Hui, EC2005426
Psychological responses to the SARS outbreak in healthcare students in Hong KongWong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Chan, MTY; Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM; Tsang, KWT; Ip, MSM2004159
A practical guide to capacity assessment and patient consent in Hong KongWong, JGWS; Scully, P2003241
Assessing the ability and capacity to complete Quality of Life assessment tools: The development of an Appraisal Inventory. (Oral presentation)Wong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Leung, KF; Chen, EYH200281
Genetic Discrimination and Mental Illness: a Case ReportWong, JGWS; Mak-Lieh, F2001284
The capacity of people with a ‘mental disability’ to make a health care decisionWong, JGWS; Clare, ICH; Holland, AJ; Watson, PC; Gunn, M2000786
King, N.M.P., Henderson, G.E. & Stein, J. (eds). (1999). Beyond Regulation. Ethics in Human Subject Research: Book reviewsWong, JGWS2000209
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