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More than a ratio: A review of trauma transfusion protocol (TTP) in Queen Mary HospitalLeung, RYY; Wong, HT; Ip, AHW; Chan, AHC; Choy, TWM; Chiu, DSM; Leung, GKK; Lam, CCK201337
The associations of body mass index with physical and mental aspects of health-related quality of life in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: results from a cross-sectional surveyWong, CKH; Lo, YCY; Wong, HT; Fung, SCC2013168
The diagnostic accuracy of focused abdominal sonography for trauma in blunt abdominal trauma patients in a local trauma center of Hong KongCheung, KS; Wong, HT; Leung, LP; Tsang, TC; Leung, GKK201219
Weather inference and daily demand for emergency ambulance servicesWong, HT; Lai, PC201298
Utilization of Whole Body Computed Tomography (WB-CT) for trauma patients.Wong, WH; Wong, HT; Tong, TKH; Leung, GKK; Yuen, WK201256
Operative intervention for traumatic brain injuries in the elderlyLi, LF; Leung, GKK; Wong, HT; Yuen, WK201150
TSPYL2 regulates CREB-Dependent Gene ExpressionWong, KK; Li, Q; Wong, HT; Tsang, KH; Lai, SK; McAlonan, GM; Chan, YS; Chan, SY2011112
What have we learnt from bacterial stool culture results? a retrospective study of hospitalised gastroenteritis cases in a regional hospital in Hong KongWong, HT; Que, TL; Ho, PL201085
The nucleosome assembly protein TSPYL2 represses transcriptionChan, SY; Wong, HT; Tsang, KH201099
Time Series Forecasts of Monthly Ambulance Calls in Hong KongWong, HT; Lai, PC200972
A role of TSPYL2, a novel nucleosome assembly protein, in transcriptional regulationWong, HT; Chiu, RPH; Chan, SY2009102
Selective laser trabeculoplasty for primary angle closure with persistently elevated intraocular pressure after iridotomyHo, CL; Lai, JSM; Aquino, MV; Rojanapongpun, P; Wong, HT; Aquino, MC; Gerber, Y; Belkin, M; Barkana, Y2009203
The Inference of Weather and its Spatial Variability on the Demand for Emergency Ambulance Services in Hong KongWong, HT; Lai, PC200975
Functional Characterization of Testis Specific Protein, Y-linked Like 2 (Tspy12)Wong, HT; Tao, KP; Chan, SY200875
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