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Ancient origins determine global biogeography of hot and cold desert cyanobacteriaBahl, J; Lau, MCY; Smith, GJD; Vijaykrishna, D; Cary, SC; Lacap, DC; Lee, CK; Papke, RT; Warren-Rhodes, KA; Wong, FKY; McKay, CP; Pointing, SB2011114
Endolithic microbial colonization of limestone in a high-altitude arid environmentWong, FKY; Lau, MCY; Lacap, DC; Aitchison, JC; Cowan, DA; Pointing, SB2010178
Hypolithic Microbial Community of Quartz Pavement in the High-Altitude Tundra of Central TibetWong, FKY; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Aitchison, JC; Cowan, DA; Pointing, SB2010171
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