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Management and Economics of Construction Safety in Hong KongPoon, SW; Tang, SL; Wong, FKW2008189
Reducing Construction Fall Accidents in the Maintenance Sector: An Industry-Based Survey from Hong KongChan, APC; Wong, FKW; Chan, DWM; Yam, MCH; Kwok, AWK; Yiu, CY; Chan, EHW; Lam, EWM; Cheung, E2007119
4 ChaptersPoon, SW; Tang, SL; Ahmed, AM; Wong, FKW2002175
Obstacles in Implementing Safety Management on Hong Kong Building SitesPoon, SW; Wong, FKW2000122
Construction Accident Rates and Site Safety Management System: A Comparison of Some Asian Countries/CitiesPoon, SW; Wong, FKW2000153
Modern Construction Project ManagementPoon, SW; Ahmed, SM; Wong, FKW1998181
Empirical Design and Structural Performance of Bamboo ScaffoldingLeung, HF; Chan, SL; Wong, FKW; So, FYS1998166
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