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Characterization of C35, a novel protein binding partner of p73, in gynaecological cancersWong, CS; Leung, THY; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS2009121
Identification of a novel p73 protein binding partner, Breast Cancer Associated 3 (BCA3), in gynaecological cancerLeung, THY; Lee, PK; Wong, CS; Ngan, HYS2009114
On a mixture vector autoregressive modelFong, PW; Li, WK; Yau, CW; Wong, CS2007189
Evaluating the impact of vessel-traffic interference on container terminal capacityNg, WG; Wong, CS2006139
Identification of the cis-acting elements Sp1, Lyf-1, Myo D and Hand 1 as down-regulators of Mer transcription in Sertoli cellsWong, CS; Lee, WWM200397
Transcriptional regulation of mouse Ax1 and Mer genes in Sertoli cellsWong, CS; Lee, WWM200296
On a Mixture Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedastic ModelWong, CS; Li, WK2001183
Proximal cis-Acting Elements Sp1 And Sp3 Regulate the mouse Mer Gene Transcription in Sertoli CellsWong, CS; Lee, WWM2001100
Asian Management Matters: Regional Relevance and Global ImpactLau, CM; Law, KKS; Tse, DKC; Wong, CS2001170
On a logistic mixture autoregressive modelWong, CS; Li, WK2001185
The significant role of Chinese employees' organizational commitment: Implications for managing employees in Chinese societiesWong, CS; Wong, YT; Hui, C; Law, KS200179
On a mixture autoregressive modelWong, CS; Li, WK2000119
Testing for double threshold autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic modelWong, CS; Li, WK2000825
A note on the corrected Akaike information criterion for threshold autoregressive modelsWong, CS; Li, WK1998181
Interactions of multiple proteins when specialized junctions are formed between Sertoli cells (SC) in vitroWong, CS; Chung, SW; Zhu, LJ; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY1998102
A longitudinal study of the job perception-job satisfaction relationship: A test of the three alternative specificationsWong, CS; Hui, C; Law, KS199868
Testin secreted by Sertoli cells is associated with the cell surface, and its expression correlates with the disruption of Sertoli-germ cell junctions but not the inter-Sertoli tight junctionGrima, J; Wong, CS; Zhu, LJ; Zong, SD; Cheng, CY1998339
Interactions of testin, ZO-1, proteases and protease inhibitors when specialized junctions are formed between Sertoli cells in vitroWong, CS; Chung, SW; Zhu, LJ; Silvestrini, B; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY199795
Testing for threshold autoregression with conditional heteroscedasticityWong, CS; Li, WK1997121
On the use of the predictive least squares criterion in time series with changing conditional varianceWong, CS; Li, WK1997195
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