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Preferences of vacant taxi drivers towards taxi stands in customer searchWong, CP; Szeto, WY; Wong, SC201242
Heterogeneous responses of vacant taxi drivers to uncertainties in customer-searchingWong, CP; Szeto, WY; Wong, SC201246
Development of an intervening opportunities taxi customer search model using GPS dataWong, CP; Wong, SC; Szeto, WY201185
Validation study of the Chinese Identification Pain Questionnaire for neuropathic painChan, A; Wong, S; Chen, PP; Tsoi, TH; Lam, J; Ip, WY; Wong, CP; Wong, L; Mok, V201182
The Hong Kong Cardiovascular Task Force. Towards cardiovascular disease protectionCheung, BMY; Chow, FCC; Chu, DW; Ho, DHK; Lau, CP; Lee, KKC; Tse, HF; Wong, BBL; Wong, CP; Wong, CKY; Wong, SP; Yan, VWT200899
Routing algorithm for provisioning symmetric virtual private networks in the hose modelChim, TW; Lui, KS; Yeung, KL; Wong, CP2005526
A postgraduate diploma course in community geriatrics for primary care doctors: Experience of first three yearsLam, TP; Kong, TK; Chan, FHW; Wong, CP2004183
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