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Progression from Impaired Fasting Glucose to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Chinese subjects with and without hypertension in Primary Care SettingFu, SN; Luk, W; Wong, CKH; Cheung, KL201440
Responsiveness was similar between direct and mapped SF-6D in colorectal cancer patients who declinedWong, CKH; Mulhern, B; Wan, YF; Lam, CLK2014155
Improving the mapping of condition-specific health-related quality of life onto SF-6D scoreYang, Y; Wong, MY; Lam, CLK; Wong, CKH201432
A Cost-Minimization Analysis Comparing Total Thyroidectomy Alone and Total Thyroidectomy with Prophylactic Central Neck Dissection in Clinically Nodal-Negative Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaLang, BH-H; Wong, CKH2014173
A cost-utility analysis for prophylactic central neck dissection in clinically nodal-negative papillary thyroid carcinomaWong, CKH; Lang, HHB2014125
A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Comparing Surgically-Related Complications between Robotic-Assisted Thyroidectomy and Conventional Open ThyroidectomyLang, HHB; Wong, CKH; Tsang, JS; Wong, KP; Wan, KY201490
Effectiveness of the Multi-disciplinary Risk Assessment and Management Programme (RAMP) on Patients with Diabetic Mellitus – The First Year ExperienceFung, SCC; Dai, D; Kwok, RLP; Tsui, ELH; Wan, YF; Wong, CKH; Wong, W; Fong, DYT; Lam, CLK201324
Identifying Factors Affecting How Patients Choose Public or Private Doctor for Consultation and How They Perceive the Consultation QualityFung, SCC; Wan, YF; Wong, CKH; Wong, WCW; Lam, CLK201320
A short message service (SMS) intervention to prevent diabetes in Chinese professional drivers with pre-diabetes: A pilot single-blinded randomized controlled trialWong, CKH; Fung, SCC; Siu, SC; Lo, YCY; Wong, KW; Fong, DYT; Lam, CLK2013180
Predicting SF-6D from the European Organization for Treatment and Research of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Scores in Patients with Colorectal CancerWong, CKH; Lam, CLK; Wan, YF; Rowen, D2013321
Condition-specific Measure was More Responsive than Generic Measure in Colorectal Cancer: All but Social DomainsWong, CKH; Lam, CLK; Law, WL; Poon, TCJ; Kwong, DLW; Tsang, JWH; Wan, YF2013323
Comparative Responsiveness of Direct and Mapped SF-6D Preference-Based Measures in Colorectal CancerWong, CKH; Mulbern, B; Wan, YF; Lam, CLK2013103
The Use of HbA1c Improved Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus among At-Risk Individuals in the Community Setting in Hong KongYu, YTE; Wong, CKH; Tam, JH; Tsui, HY; Luk, W; Yiu, YK; Lam, CLK201323
Development and Validation of the Chinese Attitudes to Starting Insulin Questionnaire (Ch-ASIQ) for Primary Care Patients with Type 2 DiabetesFu, SN; Chin, WY; Wong, CKH; Yeung, VTF; Yiu, MP; Tsui, HY; Chan, KH201371
Comparison of direct-measured and derived short form six dimensions (SF-6D) health preference values among chronic hepatitis B patientsWong, CKH; Lam, TP; Lam, CLK2013315
A comparison of generic preference-based measures in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Chen, J; Wong, CKH; McGhee, S; Pang, PKP; Yu, WC201340
Cardiovascular risk prediction in diabetes: validation of the Framingham, UKPDS and JADE cardiovascular risk functions in a cohort of 10,969 Chinese diabetic subjectsJIAO, F; Wong, CKH; Fung, SCC; McGhee, S; Lam, CLK201351
Clinical Correlates of Health Preference and Generic Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Colorectal NeoplasmsWong, CKH; Lam, CLK; Poon, TCJ; Kwong, DLW2013358
Measurement invariance of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Colorectal quality-of-life instrument among modes of administrationWong, CKH; Lam, CLK; Mulhern, B; Law, WL; Poon, TCJ; Kwong, DLW; Tsang, JWH2013390
The associations of body mass index with physical and mental aspects of health-related quality of life in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: results from a cross-sectional surveyWong, CKH; Lo, YCY; Wong, HT; Fung, SCC2013170
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