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Dynamic VEP Evaluation As A Prediction of Vision Fatigure Using Visual Stimulated Brian Computer InterfaceCao, T; Wong, C; Wan, F; Hu, Y201317
Objective Indication of Fatigue in SSVEP-Based BCI Through EEG Spectral AnalysisCao, T; Wong, C; Wan, F; Hu, Y201331
Epigenetic changes in adult brain following exposure to prenatal inflammationBasil, P; Dempster, E; Li, Q; Wong, C; Mill, J; McAlonan, GM201227
Dissociation between distinctive tone production and poor tone perception in Cantonese: preliminary ERP resultsLaw, S; Kung, C; Fung, R; Su, IF; Wong, C201225
Near-merger in Hong Kong Cantonese tones: a behavioural and ERP studyFung, R; Kung, C; Law, SP; Su, IF; Wong, C201288
Liver cancer immunoassay with magnetic nanoparticles and MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction sensorsLei, Z; Li, L; Li, G; Leung, C; Shi, J; Wong, C; Lo, K; Chan, W; Mak, C; Chan, S; Pong, PWT201213
Acoustic analysis of different Cantonese opera singing stylesNg, ML; Wong, C; Chen, Y201188
Do Autism Spectrum Disorders and Bipolar Disorder share a neuroanatomical phenotype?Wong, C; Yu, GKK; Chua, SE; Cheung, C; McAlonan, GM201190
Development of a tool to assess the impact of a brief counseling curriculum: Validation of the Attitudes to Psychological Interventions and Counseling in Primary Care (APIC-PC) surveyChin, WY; Lam, C; Wong, C2011125
On the air pollutant removal mechanism from 2D urban street canyonsLiu, CH; Cheng, WC; Chung, T; Wong, C201189
Changing learning spaces in higher educationFok, WWT; Wong, C; Sidorko, PE; Noakes, N; Duffy, P; Fox, B2011156
Role of miR-143 regulating DNA methyltransferases 3A in breast cancerNg, E; Kwong, A; Tsang, W; Leung, C; Wong, C; Kwok, T; Ma, E2010259
Plasma microRNA as a potential marker for breast cancer detectionNg, EKO; Leung, C; Au, S; Chan, A; Wong, C; Ma, E; Pang, RWC; Chua, D; Chu, KM; Law, WL; Poon, RTP; Kwong, A2010280
Autistic disorders and schizophrenia: Related or remote? An anatomical likelihood estimationCheung, C; Yu, K; Fung, G; Leung, M; Wong, C; Li, Q; Sham, P; Chua, S; McAlonan, G2010441
Microrna-143 is a potential tumor suppressor targeting DNA methyltransferases 3A in breast cancerKwong, A; Ng, E; Tang, E; Wong, C; Kwok, TT; Ma, E2009180
Assessing discrepant findings between QF-PCR on uncultured prenatal samples and karyotyping on long-term cultureLau, ET; Tang, L; Wong, C; Hang, LY; Ghosh, A; Cleung, W; Sin, WK; Lau, TK; Kung, YY; Tang, MHY2009109
Role of miR-143 regulating DNA methyltransferases 3A in breast cancerNg, E; Kwong, A; Wong, C; Ma, E200982
Cleavage of spike protein of SARS coronavirus by protease factor Xa is associated with viral infectivityDu, L; Kao, RY; Zhou, Y; He, Y; Zhao, G; Wong, C; Jiang, S; Yuen, KY; Jin, DY; Zheng, BJ2007138
Adiponectin-induced endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation and nitric oxide production are mediated by APPL1 in endothelial cellsCheng, KKY; Lam, KSL; Wang, Y; Huang, Y; Carling, D; Wu, D; Wong, C; Xu, A2007101
Increment of sleeping time does not implicate enhancement on memory and learning in adolescentsSum, M; Liu, B; Sy, L; Chan, W; Wong, C; Suen, K; Chang, RCC200683
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