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Involving parents in paired reading with preschoolers: Results from a randomized controlled trial
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Lam, SF; Chow-Yeung, K; Wong, BPH; Lau, KK; Tse, SI2013110
Do girls and boys perceive themselves as equally engaged in school? The results of an international study from 12 countries
Journal of School Psychology
Pergamon. The Journal's web site is located at
Lam, SF; Jimerson, S; Kikas, E; Cefai, C; Veiga, FH; Nelson, B; Hatzichristou, C; Polychroni, F; Basnett, J; Duck, R; Farrell, P; Liu, Y; Negovan, V; Shin, H; Stanculescu, E; Wong, BPH; Yang, H; Zollneritsch, J2012284
Enhancing social cognitions and skills: evaluation of an intervention program with randomized field experimental design
The Hong Kong Psychological Society Conference
Lam, SF; Wong, BPH; Lam, M; So, AWO2010112
How parents perceive and feel about participation in community activities: The comparison between parents of preschoolers with and without autism spectrum disorders
Sage Publications Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Lam, SF; Wong, BPH; Leung, D; Ho, D; AuYeung, P2010258
Exploring student engagement in schools internationally: the results from 12 countries
Annual Colloquium of the International School Psychology Association
Lam, S; Jimerson, S; Basnett, J; Cefai, C; Duck, R; Farrell, P; Hatzichristou, C; Kikas, E; Liu, Y; Negovan, V; Nelson, B; Polychroni, F; Shin, H; Stanculescu, E; Veiga, FH; Wong, BPH; Yang, H; Zollneritsch, J2009332
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