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Essential role for macrophage migration inhibitory factor in gastritis induced by helicobacter PyloriWong, BLW; Zhu, SL; Huang, XR; Juan, M; Xia, HHX; Bucala, R; Wong, BCY; Lan, HY2009165
Loss of XIAP sensitizes rosiglitazone-induced growth inhibition of colon cancer in vivoDai, Y; Qiao, L; Kwok, WC; Zou, B; Ma, J; Lan, HY; Gu, Q; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Wong, BLW; Wong, BCY200890
XIAP-associated factor 1 (XAF1) regulates p53-mediated apoptosis by a negative feedback loopZou, B; Pang, RWC; Qiao, L; Wong, BLW; Ma, J; Wang, Y; Zeng, HUI; Lan, HY; Wong, BCY2008115
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