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Proximal contact loss between implant-supported prostheses and adjacent natural teeth: A clinical report
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Mosby, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Wat, PYP; Wong, ATY; Leung, KCM; Pow, EHN2011193
CD209 (DC-SIGN) -336A>G promoter polymorphism and severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong Chinese
Human Immunology
Elsevier Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, KYK; Xu, MS; Ching, JCY; So, TMK; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Yam, LYC; Wong, ATY; Chung, PH; Chan, VSF; Lin, CLS; Sham, PC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM; Khoo, US2010254
Learning in school-university partnership: sociocultural perspectives
Tsui, ABM; Edwards, TG; Lopez-Real, FJ; Kwan, TYL; Law, YK; Stimpson, PG; Tang, RWY; Wong, ATY2009103
Issues in School-University Partnership
School Improvement: International Perspectives
Nova Science Publishers.
Tsui, ABM; Wong, ATY2007118
Association of ICAM3 genetic variant with severe acute respiratory syndrome
Journal of Infectious Diseases
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, KYK; Ching, JCY; Xu, MS; Cheung, ANY; Yip, SP; Yam, LYC; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Wong, ATY; Song, YQ; Huang, FP; Liu, W; Chung, PH; Leung, GM; Chow, EYD; Chan, EYT; Chan, JCK; Ngan, HYS; Tam, P; Chan, LC; Sham, P; Chan, VSF; Peiris, M; Lin, SCL; Khoo, US2007504
Immediate loading of implants for tooth replacement in aesthetic zone: a 2-year prospective study in Chines patients.
19th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong. 16th January 2006.
Chiu, WK; Lo, J; Fang, DTS; Wong, ATY; Yiu, EYL; Yung, WCW; Chow, TW; Cheung, LK2006156
Oral health-related quality of life and severe hypodontia
Journal of Oral Rehabilitation
Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Wong, ATY; Mcmillan, AS; Mcgrath, C2006138
Research on immediate loading of implant
International Symposium of Computer-assisted dental implant surgery for immediate function, Hong Kong
Lo, J; Chiu, WK; Fang, DTS; Wong, ATY; Yiu, EYL; Yung, WCW; Cheung, LK2005137
Oral health of southern Chinese children and adolescents with severe hypodontia
International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.. The Journal's web site is located at
Wong, ATY; Mcgrath, C; Mcmillan, AS2005145
Coronavirus infection in an AIDS patient [1]
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Wong, ATY; Tsang, OTY; Wong, KH; Wong, MYF; Lim, WL; Zheng, BJ; Lee, SS; Lai, ST; Yuen, KY; Choi, KW; Tso, EYK; Chau, TN; Tong, WL; Chiu, MC; Yu, WC2004152
From Student-Teacher to Teacher-Student:Curriculum Development for Initital Teacher Education
New Directions in Teachers' Working and Learning Environment (International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching, 11th Biennial Conference 2003)
Kwo, OWY; Adamson, B; Tavares, N; Tang, RWY; Wong, ATY2003132
Extradural haematoma - A five-year audit at a tertiary trauma centre in Hong Kong
Asian Journal of Surgery
Elsevier (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Hong Kong Branch. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, GKK; Wong, ATY; Kwan, EYC; Khor, S; Fan, YW2001153
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