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Computation lithography: Virtual reality and virtual virtualityWong, AKK; Lam, EY200968
The nebulous hotspot and algorithm variabilityWong, AKK; Lam, EY2009112
Computation lithography: Virtual reality and virtual virtualityLam, EY; Wong, AKK2009285
Standard cell design with regularly placed contacts and gatesWang, J; Wong, AKK; Lam, EYM200480
Modeling the effects of patterning error on MOSFETPun, CH; Lai, PT; Wong, AKK200467
Designing of precomputational-based low-power Viterbi decoderYang, JL; Wong, AKK2004633
Standard cell layout with grid-placed contactsWang, J; Wong, AKK; Lam, EYM200390
Sensitivity of 1D mask features towards aberration in photolithographyMak, GYH; Wong, AKK; Lam, EYM200384
Placement sensitivity to aberration in optical imagingMak, GYH; Lam, EYM; Wong, AKK2003731
Effects of grid-placed contacts on circuit performanceWang, J; Wong, AKK2003616
Quantification of image qualityPong, WT; Wong, AKK2002943
A study on theoretical representation of intermodulation in CMOS balanced mixersWang, J; Wong, AKK20022,020
Theoretical discussion on reduced aberration sensitivity of enhanced alternating phase-shifting masksWong, AKK2002688
Feasibility of 50-nm device manufacture by 157-nm optical lithography: an initial assessmentPong, WT; Wong, AKK2002684
Optimum mask and source patterns to print a given shapeRosenbluth, AE; Bukofsky, S; Fonseca, S; Hibbs, M; Lai, K; Molless, A; Singh, RN; Wong, AKK2002808
Optimized Alternating Phase Shifted Mask DesignLiebmann, L; Wong, AKK2002736
Asymmetric biasing for subgrid pattern adjustmentWong, AKK; Liebmann, LW2001545
Aberration measurement using in-situ two-beam interferometryKirk, JP; Kunkel, G; Wong, AKK2001951
Optimum mask and source patterns to print a given shapeRosenbluth, AE; Bukofsky, SJ; Hibbs, MS; Lai, K; Molless, AF; Singh, RN; Wong, AKK2001737
Characterization of linewidth variation on 248- and 193-nm exposure toolsGabor, A; Brunner, T; Chen, J; Chen, N; Deshpande, S; Ferguson, R; Horak, DV; Holmes, S; Liebmann, L; Mansfield, S; Molless, A; Progler, CJ; Rabidoux, R; Ryan, D; Talvi, P; Tsou, L; Vampatella, B; Wong, AKK; Yang, Q; Yu, CF2001729
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