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TEM study of the deformation structures around nano-scratchesWo, PC; Jones, IP; Ngan, AHW2008266
Erratum to "TEM measurement of nanoindentation plastic zones in Ni3Al" [Scripta Materialia 55 (2006) 557-560] (DOI:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2006.05.019)Wo, PC; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, YL200753
Size dependence and stochastic nature of yield strength of micron-sized crystals: a case study on Ni3AlNgan, AHW; Zuo, L; Wo, PC200679
Delayed plasticity in nanoindentation of annealed crystalsNgan, AHW; Wo, PC2006113
TEM measurement of nanoindentation plastic zones in Ni3AlWo, PC; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, YL2006194
Initiation of plasticity in submicron crystals: weibull-like characteristicsNgan, AHW; Wo, PC; Zuo, L2006118
The strength of submicron-sized materialsNgan, AHW; Wo, PC; Zuo, L; Li, H; Afrin, N2006126
Probabilistic nature of the nucleation of dislocations in an applied stress fieldNgan, AHW; Zuo, L; Wo, PC2006169
Time-dependent incipient plasticity in Ni3Al as observed in nanoindentationWo, PC; Zuo, L; Ngan, AHW2005381
Incipient plasticity during nano-scratch in Ni3AlWo, PC; Ngan, AHW200476
Investigation of slip transmission behavior across grain boundaries in polycrystalline Ni3Al using nanoindentationWo, PC; Ngan, AHW2004442
Investigation of pile-up effects at grain boundaries in undoped and boron-doped Ni3Al using nanoindentationWo, PC; Ngan, AHW2003106
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