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The role of interpersonal interactions in emotional regulation in medical student learningLajoie, SP; Cruz­Panesso, I; Summerside, C; Poitras, E; Hmelo­Silver, C; Wiseman, J; Lu, J; Chan, LK201329
Technology-rich learning environments to support emotional regulation: a case study of the relationship between physician regulation and patient copingLajoie, SP; Cruz-Panesso, I; Summerside, C; Kazemitabar, M; Poitras, EG; Wiseman, J; Hmelo-Silver, CE; Lu, J; Chan, LK201329
Using Online Digital Tools and Video to Support International Problem-based LearningHmelo-Silver, C; Khurana, CA; Lajoie, SP; Lu, J; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK; Cruz-Panesso, I201329
Technology triggers for caring: examining affect while learning to communicate bad news to patientsLajoie, SP; Lu, J; Hmelo-Silver, C; Cruz-Panesso, I; Ranelluccia, J; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK201265
Helping medical students deal with emotions in patient communication: Challenges and opportunities of e-learning in multicultural learning communitiesLu, J; Chan, LK; Lajoie, SP; Wiseman, J; Hmelo-Silver, C201263
Can technology foster emotional regulation in medical students? An international case study approachLajoie, SP; Cruz­Panesso, I; Poitras, E; Kazemitabar, M; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK; Hmelo-Silver, C201294
Enhancing cultural diversity through e-PBLChan, LK; Lu, J; Lajoie, SP; Wiseman, J; Hmelo-Silver, C201234
Use of the one-minute preceptor as a teaching tool in the gross anatomy laboratoryChan, LK; Wiseman, J2011119
A case-study exploring the role of affect and culture in communicating bad news: technology triggers for problem based learning and practiceLajoie, SP; Lu, J; Hmelo-Silver, C; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK2011188
Scaffolding problem-based learning with CSCL toolsLu, J; Lajoie, SP; Wiseman, J2010529
Scaffolding collaboration in simulated medical emergenciesLu, J; Lajoie, SP; Wiseman, J2009139
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