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The influence of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in chronic tinnitus: a placebo controlled pilot study
20th National Conference of the Audiological Society of Australia 2012
Wilson, W; Malicka, A; Barwood, C; McPherson, DB; Murdoch, B2012136
"I know you can hear me": Neural correlates of feigned hearing loss
Human Brain Mapping
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Mcpherson, B; Mcmahon, K; Wilson, W; Copland, D2012272
Neural correlates of feigned hearing loss: an fMRI study
Abstract Book of the 30th International Congress of Audiology
International Society of Audiology.
McPherson, B; McMahon, K; Wilson, W; Copland, D2010277
The yuan-tseh lee array for microwave background anisotropy
Astrophysical Journal Letters
Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Ho, PTP; Altamirano, P; Chang, CH; Chang, SH; Chang, SW; Chen, CC; Chen, KJ; Chen, MT; Han, CC; Ho, WM; Huang, YD; Hwang, YJ; IbãezRomano, F; Jiang, H; Koch, PM; Kubo, DY; Li, CT; Lim, J; Lin, KY; Liu, GC; Lo, KY; Ma, CJ; Martin, RN; MartinCocher, P; Molnar, SM; Ng, KW; Nishioka, H; O'connell, KE; Oshiro, P; Patt, F; Raffin, P; Umetsu, K; Wei, T; Wu, JHP; Chiueh, TD; Chiueh, T; Chu, TH; Huang, CWL; Hwang, WYP; Liao, YW; Lien, CH; Wang, FC; Wang, H; Wei, RM; Yang, CH; Kesteven, M; Kingsley, J; Sinclair, MM; Wilson, W; Birkinshaw, M; Liang, H; Lancaster, K; Park, CG; Pen, UL; Peterson, JB2009248
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