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Clarifying assumptions about intraoperative stress during surgical performance: More than a stab in the dark: ReplyWilson, M; Malhotra, N; Poolton, J; Masters, R201297
Gaze training improves technical performances and resistance to distractions in virtual laparoscopic surgeryWilson, M; Vine, S; Brewer, J; Bright, E; Masters, R; McGrath, J201146
Psychomotor control in a virtual laparoscopic surgery training environment: Gaze control parameters differentiate novices from expertsWilson, M; McGrath, J; Vine, S; Brewer, J; Defriend, D; Masters, R2010127
Phenotypic expansion and further characterisation of the 17q21.31 microdeletion syndromeTan, TY; Aftimos, S; Worgan, L; Susman, R; Wilson, M; Ghedia, S; Kirk, EP; Love, D; Ronan, A; Darmanian, A; Slavotinek, A; Hogue, J; Moeschler, JB; Ozmore, J; Widmer, R; Savarirayan, R; Peters, G200988
Identification of a novel lipase gene mutated in lpd mice with hypertriglyceridemia and associated with dyslipidemia in humansWen, XY; Hegele, RA; Wang, J; Yan Wang, D; Cheung, J; Wilson, M; Yahyapour, M; Bai, Y; Zhuang, L; Skaug, J; Young, TK; Connelly, PW; Koop, BF; Tsui, LC; Stewart, AK2003711
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