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The use of HE4 in the prediction of ovarian cancer in Asian womenn with a pelvic massChan, KKL; Chen, CA; Nam, JH; Ochiai, K; Wilailak, S; Choon, AT; Sabaratnam, S; Hebbar, S; Sicken, J; Schodin, BA; Sumpaico, WW201335
Asian society of gynecologic oncology workshop 2010Suh, DH; Kim, JW; Aziz, MF; Devi, UK; Ngan, HYS; Nam, JH; Kim, SC; Kato, T; Ryu, HS; Fujii, S; Lee, YS; Kim, JH; Kim, TJ; Kim, YT; Wang, KL; Lee, TS; Ushijima, K; Shin, SG; Chia, YN; Wilailak, S; Park, SY; Katabuchi, H; Kamura, T; Kang, SB2010297
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