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The sortilin-related recentor SORLA is functionally and genetically associated with Alzheimer Disease.
The 55th american society of Human Genetics meeting. October25-29, 2005, Salt Lake City Utah
Meng, Y; Rogaeva, E; Lee, J.H; Gu, Y.J; Kawarai, T.; Katayama, T; Erlich, P; Baldwin, C.T; Cheng, R; Hasegawa, H; Chen, F; Shibata, N; Lunetta, K.L; Cupples, L.A; Song, Y; Fraser, P.E; Westaway, D; Mayeux, R; Farrer, L.A; St. George-Hyslop, P2005177
Alleles at the Nicastrin locus modify presenilin 1-deficiency phenotype
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
National Academy of Sciences. The Journal's web site is located at
Rozmahel, R; Mount, HTJ; Chen, F; Nguyen, V; Huang, J; Erdebil, S; Liauw, J; Yu, G; Hasegawa, H; Gu, Y; Song, YQ; Schmidt, SD; Nixon, RA; Mathews, PM; Bergeron, C; Fraser, P; Westaway, D; St GeorgeHyslop, P2002233
Carboxyl-terminal fragments of alzheimer β-amlyloid precursor protein accumulate in restricted and unpredicted intracellular compartments in presenilin 1-deficient cells
Journal of Biological Chemistry
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Chen, F; Yang, DS; Petanceska, S; Yang, A; Tandon, A; Yu, G; Rozmahel, R; Ghiso, J; Nishimura, M; Zhang, DM; Kawarai, T; Levesque, G; Mills, J; Levesque, L; Song, YQ; Rogaeva, E; Westaway, D; Mount, H; Gandy, S; St GeorgeHyslop, P; Fraser, PE2000314
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