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Kiloyear-scale climate events and evolution during the Last Interglacial, Mu Us Desert, ChinaDu, S; Li, B; Chen, M; Zhang, DD; Xiang, Rong; Niu, D; Wen, X; Ou, X2012106
The 2008-2009 H1N1 influenza virus exhibits reduced susceptibility to antibody inhibition: implications for the prevalence of oseltamivir resistant variant virusesWu, WL; Lau, SY; Chen, Y; Wang, G; Mok, BWY; Wen, X; Wang, P; Song, W; Lin, T; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY; Chen, HL2012202
The NS1 protein of influenza A virus interacts with cellular processing bodies and stress granules through RNA-associated protein 55 (RAP55) during virus infectionMok, BWY; Song, W; Wang, P; Tai, H; Chen, Y; Zheng, M; Wen, X; Lau, SY; Wu, WL; Matsumoto, K; Yuen, KY; Chen, H201244
Infection of immunocompromised patients by avian H9N2 influenza A virusCheng, VCC; Chan, JFW; Wen, X; Wu, WL; Que, TL; Chen, H; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2011302
NS1 regulates influenza virus replication through interaction with a cellular P-body component and viral NP proteinMok, BWY; Tai, H; Chen, Y; Wang, P; Song, W; Wen, X; Chen, H201183
An in vitro model of the glomerular capillary wall using electrospun collagen nanofibres in a bioartificial composite basement membraneSlater, SC; Beachley, V; Hayes, T; Zhang, D; Welsh, GI; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Wen, X; Su, B; Satchell, SC201112
Age of the MGS5 segment of the Milanggouwan stratigraphical section and evolution of the desert environment on a kiloyear scale during the Last Interglacial in China's Salawusu River Valley: Evidence from Rb and Sr contents and ratiosDu, S; Li, B; Niu, D; Zhang, DD; Wen, X; Chen, D; Yang, Y; Wang, F2011212
Clinical and virological factors associated with viremia in pandemic influenza A/H1N1/2009 virus infectionTse, H; To, KKW; Wen, X; Chen, H; Chan, KH; Tsoi, HW; Li, IWS; Yuen, KY2011112
Quasispecies of the D225G substitution in the hemagglutinin of pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 virus from patients with severe disease in Hong Kong, ChinaChen, H; Wen, X; To, KKW; Wang, P; Tse, H; Chan, JFW; Tsoi, HW; Fung, KSC; Tse, CWS; Lee, RA; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2010441
Development of a functional model of the glomerular filtration barrier using electrospun collagen nanofibres in a bioartificial composite basement membraneSlater, S; Beachley, V; Wen, X; Hayes, T; Su, B; Saleem, M; Mathieson, P; Satchell, S200910
Climate variability in the Salawusu River valley of the Ordos Plateau (Inner Mongolia, China) during Marine Isotope Stage 3Wen, X; Li, B; Zheng, Y; Zhang, DD; Ye, J2009128
Paleoclimatic Change Recorded in the Red Earth and Brown-Yellow Sediment of Late Quaternary for Northeastern Part of Guangdong Province, south to Nanling Mountain, ChinaLi, B; Wen, X; Zhang, D2008110
Millennium-scale Climate Fluctuations during the Last Interstadial Record in AQS3 Segment of Aqiang Loess Section in the North Piedmont of the Kunlun MountainsLi, B; Wen, X; Zhang, D200894
Sedimentary characteristics of paleo-aeolian dune sands of Salawusu Formation in the Salawusu River ValleyOu, X; Li, B; Jin, H; Dong, G; Zhang, DD; Wu, Z; Wen, X; Zeng, L; Ouyang, C; Yang, Y; Liu, Y2008196
Phases of environmental evolution indicated by primary chemical elements and paleontological records in the Upper Pleistocene-Holocene series for Salawusu River Valley, ChinaLi, B; Wen, X; Qiu, S; Zhang, D200798
Megainterstadial climate of the Salawusu valley - Milanggouwan stratigraphical sectionWen, X; Li, B; Zhang, DD; Fan, X; Ye, J; Du, S; Guo, Y; Chen, D2007119
A Multi-cycle Climatic Fluctuation Record of the Last Interglacial Period: Typical Straitigraphic Section in the Salawusu River Valley on the Ordos Plateau, ChinaLi, B; Zhang, D; Wen, X; Dong, Y; Zhu, Y; Qing, H2005115
Influence of cladding layer field of slab waveguide on M2 factorLin, B; Wen, X; Guo, F2003120
Characteristic analysis of diffraction from planar waveguideGuo, F; Lin, B; Chen, Y; Wang, K; Wen, X200297
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