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Optimization of influenza vaccine selectionWu, JT; Wein, LM; Perelson, AS200576
Analysis of a three-way race between tumor growth, a replication-competent virus and an immune responseWu, JT; Kirn, DH; Wein, LM200488
Validation and analysis of a mathematical model of a replication-competent oncolytic virus for cancer treatment: Implications for virus design and deliveryWein, LM; Wu, JT; Kirn, DH200360
A mathematical model of the impact of infused targeted cytotoxic agents on brain tumours: Implications for detection, design and deliveryWein, LM; Wu, JT; Ianculescu, AG; Puri, RK200273
Modeling and analysis of a virus that replicates selectively in tumor cellsWu, JT; Byrne, HM; Kirn, DH; Wein, LM200189
Dynamic optimization of a linear-quadratic model with incomplete repair and volume-dependent sensitivity and repopulationWein, LM; Cohen, JE; Wu, JT200069
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