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A combined finite element-Langevin dynamics (FEM-LD) approach for analyzing the mechanical response of bio-polymer networksLin, Y; Wei, X; Qian, J; Sze, KY; Shenoy, VB201441
Ultrafast spectrum observation based on visualized spectro-temporal analyzer (ViSTA)Zhang, C; Wei, X; Xu, J; Chui, PC; Wong, KKY201323
Synthesis and thermal conductivity of microfluidic copper nanofluidsWei, X; Wang, L2010154
Heat conduction in nanofluidsWang, L; Wei, X2010125
Heat conduction in nanofluidsWang, L; Wei, X2010108
Technical note microfluidic method for synthesizing cu2o nanofluidsWei, X; Wang, L2010152
CuS/Cu2S nanofluids: synthesis and thermal conductivityWei, X; Kong, T; Zhu, H; Wang, L2010125
1+1>2: Extraordinary fluid conductivity enhancementWei, X; Wang, L2009722
Nanofluids: synthesis, heat conduction, and extensionWang, L; Wei, X2009175
Is heat conduction in two-phase systems Fourier type?Wang, L; Fan, J; Wei, X2009104
CePO4 nanofluids: Synthesis and thermal conductivityWei, X; Zhu, H; Wang, L2009199
Synthesis and thermal conductivity of Cu2O nanofluidsWei, X; Zhu, H; Kong, T; Wang, L2009246
Heat conduction in nanofluidsWang, L; Wei, X2009136
Modeling two-phase-system heat conductionWang, L; Wei, X2009103
Erratum: Nanofluids: Synthesis, Heat Conduction, and ExtensionWang, L; Wei, X2009154
Dual-phase-lagging and porous-medium heat conduction processesWang, L; Xu, MT; Wei, X2008113
Multiscale theoremsWang, L; Xu, M; Wei, X2008163
Equivalence between dual-phase-lagging and two-phase-system heat conduction processesWang, L; Wei, X2008116
Heat conduction: mathematical models and analytical solutionsWang, L; Zhou, XS; Wei, X200873
Do unknown initial conditions and disturbances matter to microchannel forced convection?Wei, X; Pang, SY; Wang, L200884
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