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Subspace segmentation with a minimal square frobenius norm representationWei, S; Yu, Y201223
Reconstructing diffusion kurtosis tensors from sparse noisy measurementsLiu, Y; Wei, S; Jiang, Q; Yu, Y2010111
Bayesian regularization of diffusion tensor images using hierarchical MCMC and loopy belief propagationWei, S; Hua, J; Bu, J; Chen, C; Yu, Y2010126
Self-doping effect and successive magnetic transitions in superconducting Sr2 VFeAsO3Cao, GH; Ma, Z; Wang, C; Sun, Y; Bao, J; Jiang, S; Luo, Y; Feng, C; Zhou, Y; Xie, Z; Hu, F; Wei, S; Nowik, I; Felner, I; Zhang, L; Xu, Z; Zhang, FC2010207
Hygroscopic expansion of resin-based restorative materials on artificial gap reduction (Abstract 3967)Huang, C; Kei, LH; Wei, S; Cheung, GSP; Tay, FRCM; Pashley, DH2002105
Tensile strength and ultrastructure of a compomer and a composite after water sorption (Abstract 3968)Wei, S; Huang, C; Tay, FRCM; Kei, LH; Cheung, GSP; Pashley, DH200258
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