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Surface modification of thin film composite RO membrane for enhanced anti-biofouling performanceNikkola, J; Liu, X; Li, Y; Raulio, M; Alakomi, HL; Wei, J; Tang, CY201348
Knockdown of myeloid differentiation protein-2 reduces acute lung injury following orthotopic autologous liver transplantation in a rat modelChi, X; Zhang, A; Luo, G; Xia, H; Zhu, G; Hei, Z; Liu, X; Wei, J; Xia, Z201325
[RuIV(F20-TPP)Cl2] efficiently catalysed inter- and intra-molecular nitrene insertion into sp3 C–H bonds of hydrocarbons using phosphoryl azides as nitrene sourcesXiao, W.; Wei, J; Zhou, C; Che, CM201358
Organic fouling of thin-film composite polyamide and cellulose triacetate forward osmosis membranes by oppositely charged macromoleculesGu, Y; Wang, YN; Wei, J; Tang, CY201326
Nanocomposite substrates for controlling internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis membranesMa, N; Wei, J; Qi, S; Zhao, Y; Gao, Y; Tang, CY201351
Comparison of NF-like and RO-like thin film composite osmotically-driven membranes-Implications for membrane selection and process optimizationWei, J; Qiu, C; Wang, YN; Wang, R; Tang, CY201331
Rejection of pharmaceuticals by forward osmosis membranesJin, X; Shan, J; Wang, C; Wei, J; Tang, CY201222
Zeolite-polyamide thin film nanocomposite membranes: Towards enhanced performance for forward osmosisMa, N; Wei, J; Liao, R; Tang, CY201236
Microscopic characterization of FO/PRO membranes - A comparative study of CLSM, TEM and SEMWang, YN; Wei, J; She, Q; Pacheco, F; Tang, CY201229
Influence of the properties of layer-by-layer active layers on forward osmosis performanceQi, S; Li, W; Zhao, Y; Ma, N; Wei, J; Chin, TW; Tang, CY201222
On the optimal dividend strategy in a regime-switching diffusion modelWei, J; Wang, R; Yang, H201235
Optimal surrender strategies for equity-indexed annuity investors with partial informationWei, J; Wang, R; Yang, H201275
Dirhodium Carboxylates Catalyzed Enantioselective Coupling Reactions of α-Diazophosphonates, Anilines, and Electron-Deficient AldehydesZhou, C; Wang, JC; Wei, J; Xu, ZJ; Guo, Z; Low, KH; Che, CM201233
Lipopolysaccharide impairs gap junction function and reduces rat kidney NRK-52E cell proliferationWang, Y; Wei, J; Xia, Z; Hei, Z; Luo, C201289
Optimal threshold dividend strategies under the compound poisson model with regime switchingWei, J; Yang, H; Wang, R2011130
Synthesis and characterization of flat-sheet thin film composite forward osmosis membranesWei, J; Qiu, C; Tang, CY; Wang, R; Fane, AG201141
Influence of monomer concentrations on the performance of polyamide-based thin film composite forward osmosis membranesWei, J; Liu, X; Qiu, C; Wang, R; Tang, CY201132
Classical and Impulse Control for the Optimization of Dividend and Proportional Reinsurance Policies with Regime SwitchingWei, J; Yang, H; Wang, R2010161
Optimal reinsurance and dividend strategies under the Markov-modulated insurance risk modelWei, J; Yang, H; Wang, R2010126
[Fe(F20TPP)Cl] catalyzed intramolecular C-N bond formation for alkaloid synthesis using aryl azides as nitrogen sourceLiu, Y; Wei, J; Che, CM2010243
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