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Proximal Femoral Nail versus Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation for Trochanteric Fractures: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsHuang, S; Leung, FKL; Xiang, X; Tan, P; Yang, J; Wei, D; Yu, X201329
Multi-functional hydraulic works for urban water supply in ancient ChinaKoenig, A; Wei, D201232
Domain-specific Chinese word segmentation using suffix tree and mutual informationZeng, D; Wei, D; Chau, M; Wang, F2011131
Biodiesel production by microalgal biotechnologyHuang, G; Chen, F; Wei, D; Zhang, X; Chen, G2010137
Employment of organic acids to enhance astaxanthin formation in heterotrophic chlorella zofingiensisChen, T; Wei, D; Chen, G; Wang, Y; Chen, F200980
Algal lectins for potential prevention of HIV transmissionLi, Y; Zhang, X; Chen, G; Wei, D; Chen, F200869
Algal lectins for prevention of HIV transmissionLi, YQ; Zhang, XW; Chen, G; Wei, D; Chen, SF2008206
Chinese word segmentation for terrorism-related contentsZeng, D; Wei, D; Chau, M; Wang, F200879
Enhanced production of lutein in heterotrophic Chlorella protothecoides by oxidative stressWei, D; Chen, F; Chen, G; Zhang, X; Liu, L; Zhang, H200870
Chinese Word Segmentation for Terrorism-related ContentsZeng, D; Wei, D; Chau, MCL; Wang, F200891
Novel omics technologies in nutrition researchZhang, X; Yap, Y; Wei, D; Chen, G; Chen, F2008241
Moving cancer diagnostics from bench to bedsideZhang, X; Li, L; Wei, D; Yap, Y; Chen, F2007147
Chemical components and antioxidant activity of the volatile oil from Cassia tora L. seed prepared by supercritical fluid extractionZhang, Y; Wei, D; Guo, S; Zhang, X; Wang, M; Chen, F2007358
Mass spectrometry-based "omics" technologies in cancer diagnosticsZhang, X; Wei, D; Yap, Y; Li, L; Guo, S; Chen, F2007231
Effects of environmental factors and denaturants on the specific absorption spectrum and fluorescence characters of B-phycoerythrinHu, JM; Wei, D; Guo, SY; Chen, F2006156
Free radical scavenging ability of the carrot juice fermented by LactobacillusZhang, YF; Wei, D; Guo, SY; Chen, SF2005130
Molecular diagnosis of human cancer type by gene expression profiles and independent component analysisZhang, XW; Yap, YL; Wei, D; Chen, F; Danchin, A2005163
High-efficient purification and characterization of b-phycoerythrin from red microalgae Porphyridium cruentumHu, JM; Wei, D; Guo, SY; Chen, SF2005131
Effect of mixing system on the growth of Spirulina platensis in a flat tank photobioreactorWei, D; Chen, SF; Guo, SY; Li, L1998127
Spirulina and their cultivationZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S; Li, L; Xiao, K; Wei, D1996154
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