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A study of suicide risk using a cox cure model via a retrospective sampling and multiple imputationXu, Y; Lam, KF; Zhou, F; Yip, PSF; Watson, R2012112
How many were there when it mattered?: Estimating the sizes of crowdsWatson, R; Yip, P201176
Assessing the impact of suicide exclusion periods on life insuranceYip, P; Pitt, D; Wang, Y; Wu, X; Watson, R; Huggins, R; Xu, Y2010152
Estimation of the number of people in a demonstrationYip, PSF; Watson, R; Chan, K S; Lau, EHY; Chen, F; Xu, Y; Xi, L; Cheung, DYT; Ip, BYT; Liu, D2010143
Estimation in capture-recapture models when covariates are subject to measurement errors and missing dataXi, L; Watson, R; Wang, J; Yip, PSF2009112
The minimum capture proportion for reliable estimation in capture-recapture modelsXi, L; Watson, R; Yip, PSF200867
Estimation of vaccine efficacy and the vaccination thresholdYip, PSF; Watson, R; Chen, Q200748
Financial debt and suicide in Hong Kong SARYip, PSF; Yang, KCT; Ip, BYT; Law, YW; Watson, R2007142
A unified likelihood-based approach for estimating population size in continuous-time capture-recapture experiments with frailtyXi, L; Yip, PSF; Watson, R2007555
Estimating population size in a continuous-time removal experiment with a known sub-population size ratioXi, L; Yip, PSF; Watson, R2006130
A procedure for complete fault detection with a removal processFang, X; Watson, R; Yan, W; Yip, PSF2003115
Estimating selective advantage of two alleles in discrete time.Yip, P; Watson, R199350
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