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Socializing achievement goal theory: The need for social goalsKing, RB; Watkins, DA201275
Competitiveness is not that least in the East: testing the hierarchical model of achievement motivation in the Asian settingKing, RB; McInerney, DM; Watkins, DA201263
Cross-cultural validation of the five-factor structure of social goals: a Filipino InvestigationKing, RB; Watkins, DA201260
How you think about your intelligence determines how you feel in school: the role of theories of intelligence on academic emotionsKing, RB; McInerney, DM; Watkins, DA201288
Cross-cultural validation of the inventory of school motivation (ISM) in the Asian setting: Hong Kong and the PhilippinesKing, RB; Ganotice, FA; Watkins, DA2012112
Validation of the Chinese version of the Sense of Self (SOS) ScaleKing, RB; Ganotice, FA; Watkins, DA2011236
Forgiveness and interpersonal relationships: A nepalese investigationWatkins, DA; Hui, EKP; Luo, W; Regmi, M; Worthington, EL; Hook, JN; Davis, DE2011210
One statistical technique may not be enough: comparing measurement of psychological attributes across countriesShulruf, B; Zeng, M; Watkins, DA; Fu, H2010153
Adaptation of mainland postgraduate students to Hong Kong's universitiesZeng, M; Watkins, DA201081
Differences between Chinese and New Zealand students: the impact of the statistical methodShulruf, B; Zeng, M; Hattie, J; Watkins, DA; Fu, H2010155
PrefaceZhang, LF; Biggs, J; Watkins, DA201088
Social goals and learning strategies among Hong Kong students: a longitudinal analysisKing, RB; Watkins, DA201056
Approaches to learning and teaching by the ChineseKember, DR; Watkins, DA201096
Why an Asian textbook?Zhang, LF; Watkins, DA201077
Undergraduates' learning experience and learning process: Quantitative evidence from the EastWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC; Prosser, MT; Watkins, DA2009187
Why are some students happy and others not The role of academic and social goals in well-beingKing, RB; Watkins, DA200966
Exploring the role of social goals in motivating Chinese and Filipino studentsKing, RB; Watkins, DA2009454
The role of filial piety in the career decision processes of postgraduate students in ChinaJin, L; Yuen, MT; Watkins, DA2006138
Gender differences in self-construal: how generalizable are Western findings?Watkins, DA; Cheng, C; Mpofu, E; Olowu, S; Singh-Sengupta, S; Regmi, M2003168
Self-esteem and Ability Grouping: a Hong Kong investigation of the Big Fish Little Pond EffectWong, MSW; Watkins, DA2001707
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