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Proximal contact loss between implant-supported prostheses and adjacent natural teeth: A clinical reportWat, PYP; Wong, ATY; Leung, KCM; Pow, EHN201193
Rehabilitation of a mandibulotomy/onlay/graft-reconstructed mandible using a milled bar and a tooth- and implant-supported removable dental prosthesis: A clinical reportWong, TL; Wat, PYP; Pow, EHN; McMillan, AS201095
A surgical guide for dental implant placement in an edentulous jawWat, PYP; Pow, EHN; Chau, FSW; Leung, KCM2008142
Modified mandibular complete denture as an interim implant-supported, cement-retained prosthesis: A clinical techniqueWat, PYP; Chow, JKF; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW2007119
A technique for salvaging an implant-supported crown with a fractured abutment screwPow, EHN; Wat, PYP200682
A 5-year prospective study on small diameter screw-shaped oral implantsComfort, MB; Chu, FCS; Chai, J; Wat, PYP; Chow, TW2005153
Peri-implant Bone Loss: Management of a PatientLeung, KCM; Chow, TW; Wat, PYP; Comfort, MB2001140
A new prosthodontic technique for fabricating cement-retained implant-supported prosthesesWat, PYP; Pow, EHN; Chow, TW200075
Continuing Education Questions 9-12 on 'A new prosthodontic technique for fabricating cement-retained implant-supported prostheses'Wat, PYP; Pow, EHN; Chow, TW200070
Retrievable Cement-Retained Implant-Tooth-Supported Prosthesis: A New TechniquePow, EHN; Wat, PYP; Chow, TW200070
Hong Kong Dental Association Biennial Report 1995-97Wat, PYP; Cheung, GSP199961
Factors affecting the chance of post-operative sensitivity in indirect porcelain onlaysWat, PYP; Cheung, GSP1997152
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