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Notoginsenoside Ft1 activates both glucocorticoid and estrogen receptors to induce endothelium-dependent, nitric oxide-mediated relaxations in rat mesenteric arteriesShen, K; Leung, SWS; Ji, L; Huang, Y; Hou, M; Xu, A; Wang, Z; Vanhoutte, PMGR201419
Targeting FASN in Breast Cancer and the Discovery of Promising Inhibitors from Natural Products Derived from Traditional Chinese MedicineCheng, C; Wang, Z; Chen, J20149
Increased water storage in North America and Scandinavia from GRACE gravity dataWang, H; Jia, L; Steffen, H; Wu, P; Jiang, L; Hsu, H; Xiang, L; Wang, Z; Hu, B201330
The Insufficiency Intake of Dietary Micronutrients Associated with Malnutrition-Inflammation Score in Hemodialysis Population.Chen, J; Peng, H; Zhang, K; Xiao, L; Yuan, Z; Chen, J; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Huang, H201338
Dietary compound isoliquiritigenin increases breast cancer chemosensitivity by limiting cancer stem cells via beta-catenin signalingWANG, N; Wang, Z; Chow, L; Loo, TY; Shen, J; Chen, J201350
Effects of unionized ammonia on tropical freshwater organisms: implication on temperate-to-tropic extrapolationWang, Z; Kwok, KWH; Lee, JS; Leung, KMY201329
Depleting the methyltransferase Suv39h1 improves DNA repair and extends lifespan in a progeria mouse modelLiu, B; Wang, Z; Zhang, L; Ghosh, S; Zheng, H; Zhou, Z201360
Design and analysis of a HTS flux-switching machine for wind energy conversionWang, Y; Sun, J; Zou, Z; Wang, Z; Chau, KT201328
The Insufficiency Intake of Dietary Micronutrients Aassociated with Malnutrition-inflammation Score in Hemodialysis Population.chen, J; peng, H; Zhang, K; Xiao, L; yune, Z; Chen, J; Wang, Z; wang, J; Huang, H20137
Targeting EP4 by Curcumin through cross Talks of AMP-dependent Kinase Alpha and p38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Signaling: The Role of PGC-1α and Sp1.Han, S; Chen, J; Wang, Z; wu, J; zheng, F; zhao, S20136
SWI/SNF in cardiac progenitor cell differentiationLei, IL; Liu, L; Sham, MH; Wang, Z201336
N-terminus of desmin controls its retrograde transportation in differentiating myoblast cellsWang, Z; Xue, WQ; Lin, R; Li, X; Cui, J; Huang, J201348
Exploring factors affecting the relationship between light consumption and GDP based on DMSP/OLS nighttime satellite imageryWu, J; Wang, Z; Li, W; Peng, J201332
Evolution of China's City-Size Distribution: Empirical Evidence from 1949 to 2008Wang, Z; Zhu, J201335
Palaeozoic porphyry Cu-Au and ultramafic Cu-Ni deposits in the eastern Tianshan orogenic belt: Temporal constraints from U-Pb geochronologyHan, ZK; Han, CM; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Wang, Z; Ao, S; Zhang, J; Wan, B201335
Dietary Compound Isoliquiritigenin Inhibits Breast Cancer Growth And Neoangiogenesis Via Blocking Vegf/vegfr-2 Signaling PathwayWang, Z; WANG, N; Han, S; Wang, D; Mo, S; Yu, L; Huang, H; Tsui, K; Shen, J; Chen, J201346
Kif5b controls the localization of myofibril components for their assembly and linkage to the myotendinous junctionsWang, Z; Cui, J; Wong, WM; Li, X; Xue, W; Lin, R; Wang, J; Wang, P; Tanner, JA; Cheah, KSE; Wu, W; Huang, J201390
Analysis and stabilization of chaos in electric-vehicle steering systemZHANG, Z; Chau, KT; Wang, Z201325
Identification of risk factors for emotional disorders among Chinese women following breast cancer surgery.Liu, P; SUN, Y; He, Y; Wang, Z; WANG, N; JIA, L; Zheng, X; Loo, TY; Chow, L; Chen, J201341
Defective ATM-Kap-1-mediated chromatin remodeling impairs DNA repair and accelerates senescence in progeria mouse modelLiu, B; Wang, Z; Ghosh, S; Zhou, Z201359
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