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Direct microscopic observation of forward osmosis membrane fouling by microalgae: Critical flux and the role of operational conditionsZou, S; Wang, YN; Wicaksana, F; Aung, T; Wong, PCY; Fane, AG; Tang, CY201335
Organic fouling of thin-film composite polyamide and cellulose triacetate forward osmosis membranes by oppositely charged macromoleculesGu, Y; Wang, YN; Wei, J; Tang, CY201326
Comparison of NF-like and RO-like thin film composite osmotically-driven membranes-Implications for membrane selection and process optimizationWei, J; Qiu, C; Wang, YN; Wang, R; Tang, CY201332
Use of single implant to retain mandibular overdenture: A preliminary clinical trial of 13 casesCheng, T; Ma, L; Liu, X; Sun, GF; He, XJ; Huo, JY; Wang, YN201274
Microscopic characterization of FO/PRO membranes - A comparative study of CLSM, TEM and SEMWang, YN; Wei, J; She, Q; Pacheco, F; Tang, CY201229
Protein fouling of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration membranes-The role of hydrodynamic conditions, solution chemistry, and membrane propertiesWang, YN; Tang, CY201125
Nanofiltration membrane fouling by oppositely charged macromolecules: Investigation on flux behavior, foulant mass deposition, and solute rejectionWang, YN; Tang, CY201118
Fouling of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration membranes by protein mixtures: The role of inter-foulant-species interactionWang, YN; Tang, CY201116
Contribution of working memory components to the performance of the tower of Hanoi in schizophreniaChan, RCK; Wang, YN; Cao, XY; Chen, EYH201086
The role of hydrodynamic conditions and solution chemistry on protein fouling during ultrafiltrationShe, Q; Tang, CY; Wang, YN; Zhang, Z200926
A modified method of auxiliary partial liver transplantation in the ratWang, YN; Ng, IOL; To, J; Fan, ST199966
In situ gene transfer into rat auxiliary liver transplantWang, YN; Luk, JM; Chung, S; Fan, ST1997113
Domain freezing in potassium dihydrogen phosphate, triglycine sulfate, and CuAlZnNiHuang, YN; Li, X; Ding, Y; Wang, YN; Shen, HM; Zhang, ZF; Fang, CS; Zhuo, SH; Fung, PCW1997439
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