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A novel role of Id-1 in regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in bladder cancerHu, H; Wang, YL; Wang, GW; Wong, YC; Wang, XF; Wang, Y; Xu, KX2013122
Identification of a novel function of Id-1 in mediating the anticancer responses of SAMC, a water-soluble garlic derivative, in human bladder cancer cellsHu, H; Zhang, XP; Wang, YL; Chua, CW; Luk, SU; Wong, YC; Ling, MT; Wang, XF; Xu, KX201189
Effects of direct current and pulse-reverse copper plating waveforms on the incubation behavior of self-annealingCheng, MY; Chen, KW; Liu, TF; Wang, YL; Feng, HP2010230
The role of Id-1 in chemosensitivity and epirubicin-induced apoptosis in bladder cancer cellsHu, H; Han, HY; Wang, YL; Zhang, XP; Chua, CW; Wong, YC; Wang, XF; Ling, MT; Xu, KX2009147
Food market with live births as source of avian inluenzaLin, Y; Wang, M; Di, B; Zhou, DH; Jing, HQ; Liu, YF; Wu, XW; Qin, PZ; Wang, YL; Jian, LY; Li, XZ; Xu, JX; Lu, EJ; Li, TG; Xu, JG; Zheng, B2007111
Mechanism for Cu void defect on various electroplated film conditionsFeng, HP; Cheng, MY; Wang, YL; Chang, SC; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2006322
Immortalization of normal human cytotrophoblast cells by reconstitution of telomeric reverse transcriptase activityWang, YL; Qiu, W; Feng, HC; Li, YX; Zhuang, LZ; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Zhou, JQ; Zhang, DH; Tsao, GSW2006103
Food markets with live birds as source of avian influenzaWang, M; Di, B; Zhou, DH; Zheng, BJ; Jing, H; Lin, YP; Liu, YF; Wu, XW; Qin, PZ; Wang, YL; Jian, LY; Li, XZ; Xu, JX; Lu, EJ; Li, TG; Xu, J2006148
Effect of plating current density and annealing on impurities in electroplated Cu filmLiu, CW; Wang, YL; Tsai, MS; Feng, HP; Chang, SC; Hwang, GJ2005142
Effects of UV, H2O2 and Fe3+ on the Growth of Four Environmental Isolates of Aeromonas and Vibrio Species from a Mangrove EnvironmentWang, YL; Leung, PC; Qian, PY; Gu, J2004123
Ni-Cu-(PGE) magmatic sulfide deposits in the Yangliuping area, Permian Emeishan igneous province, SW ChinaSong, XY; Zhou, MF; Cao, ZM; Sun, M; Wang, YL2003148
Differentially expressed genes between normal placenta and choriocarcinomaFeng, H; Xue, W; Cheung, A; Wang, YL; Tsao, GSW2003171
Impairment of sea urchin sperm quality by UV-B radiation: Predicting fertilization success from sperm motilityAu, DWT; Chiang, MWL; Tang, JYM; Yuen, BBH; Wang, YL; Wu, RSS2002177
Establishment and characterization of an immortalized human oviductal cell lineLee, YL; Lee, KF; Xu, JS; Wang, YL; Tsao, SW; Yeung, WSB200175
Geochemical constraints on the mantle source of the upper Permian Emeishan continental flood basalts, Southwestern ChinaSong, XY; Zhou, MF; Hou, ZQ; Cao, ZM; Wang, YL; Li, Y2001109
The Emeishan flood basalts, SW ChinaThompson, GM; Zhou, MF; Song, X; Wang, YL200085
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