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Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for free vibration analysisYan, F; Wang, YH; Miao, Y; Cheung, YK2009142
Characterizing bond breakages in cemented sands using a MEMS accelerometerWang, YH; Ma, CH; Yan, WM2009339
Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for 2-D elasticity with body forceYan, F; Wang, YH; Tham, LG; Cheung, YK2008124
Measurement biases in the bender element testWang, YH; Lo, KF; Yan, WM; Dong, XB200790
Behaviour of socketed steel H-pilesWang, YH; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Yang, J; Tam, CCY200746
Damping-ratio measurements by the spectral-ratio methodWang, YH; Yan, WM; Lo, KF2006115
Laboratory studies of two common saprolitic soils in Hong KongWang, YH; Yan, WM2006107
Electrochemical degradation of 4-chlorophenol at nickel-antimony doped tin oxide electrodeWang, YH; Chan, KY; Li, XY; So, SK2006426
Synthesis of ozone from air via a polymer-electrolyte-membrane cell with a doped tin oxide anodeWang, YH; Cheng, S; Chan, KY2006668
Electrolytic generation of ozone on antimony- And nickel-doped tin oxide electrodeWang, YH; Cheng, S; Chan, KY; Li, XY2005294
Beams and plates on elastic foundations: A reviewWang, YH; Tham, LG; Cheung, YK2005258
Parametric study for an efficient meshless method in vibration analysisWang, YH; Li, WD; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Yue, ZQ2003145
A boundary collocation method for cracked platesWang, YH; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Tsui, Y2003115
A modified Kachanov method for analysis of solids with multiple cracksLi, YP; Tham, LG; Wang, YH; Tsui, Y2003160
Plate on layered foundation analyzed by a semi-analytical and semi-numerical methodWang, YH; Tham, LG; Tsui, Y; Yue, ZQ2003125
Effects of Surface Negatively Charged Amino Acid Mutation on Binding between Cytochrome b 5 and Cytochrome cQian, CM; Wang, YH; Wang, WH; Yao, Y; Hu, J; Lu, JX; Xie, Y; Huang, ZX; Tang, WX200291
Application of meshless method for elasto-plastic problemsLi, WD; Wang, YH; Tham, LG2001127
Plate on cross-anisotropic foundation analyzed by the finite element methodWang, YH; Cheung, YK2001118
Fracture mechanism and calculation of rock fractureWang, YH; Tsui, Y; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK2000130
The Solution Structure of Cytochrome b5 Mutant(E44A/E48A/E56A/D60A)Wu, YB; Lu, J; Qian, CM; Li, EC; Wang, JF; Tang, WX; Zhu, DX; Wang, YH; Wang, WH; Lu, JX; Xie, Y; Huang, ZX2000133
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