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Therapeutic Application of Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy
XU, J; Lee, YK; Wang, Y; Tse, HF201415
Teaching stratagem making and education resource assignment based on K-Means Clustering Algorithm
2014 International Conference on Engineering Technology, Engineering Education and Engineering Management
Li, S; Yi, J; Chen, H; Au Yeung, HH; Law, KY; Chiang, SC; Fok, WWT; Liu, F; Wang, Y201429
Big data Application of decision trees for Student Profiling at the Open University of China
The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Science and Engineering
Fok, WWT; Chen, H; Yi, J; Li, S; Liu, F; Wang, Y201432
MetaCluster-TA: taxonomic annotation for metagenomic data based on assembly-assisted binning
BMC Genomics
BioMed Central Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, Y; Leung, HCM; Yiu, SM; Chin, FYL201454
Momentum-resolved Electronic Relaxation Dynamics in D-wave Superconductors
Physical Review B
American Physical Society.
Wang, Y; Zhang, F201420
Mineral trioxide aggregate promotes the odonto/osteogenic differentiation and dentinogenesis of stem cells from apical papilla via nuclear factor kappa B signaling pathway
Journal of Endodontics
Yan, M; Wu, J; Yu, Y; Wang, Y; Xie, L; Zhang, G; Yu, J; Zhang, C201442
The chemical reaction optimization approach to solving the environmentally sustainable network design problem
Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Szeto, WY; Wang, Y; Wong, SC201491
Telbivudine improves renal function in patients with chronic hepatitis B
Gane, EJ; Deray, G; Liaw, YF; Lim, SG; Lai, CL; Rasenack, J; Wang, Y; Papatheodoridis, G; Di Bisceglie, A; Buti, M; Samuel, D; Uddin, A; Bosset, S; Trylesinski, A201420
Evaluation of Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate During Continuous 4-Year Treatment with Telbivudine in Patients with Bridging Fibrosis/Cirrhosis
Journal of Hepatology
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Gane, EJ; Lai, CL; Xie, Q; Liaw, YF; Thongsawat, S; Chan, HLY; Wang, Y; Hwang, SG; Safadi, R; Jung, M; Uddin, A; Janssens, N; Trylesinski, A201421
Genetic tuning of the novel avian influenza A(H7N9) virus during interspecies transmission, China, 2013.
Euro Surveill.
Wang, D; Yang, L; Gao, R; Zhang, X; Tan, Y; Wu, A; Zhu, W; Zhou, J; Zou, S; Li, X; Sun, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, T; Xiong, Y; Xu, J; Chen, L; Weng, Y; Qi, X; Guo, J; Li, X; Dong, J; Huang, W; Zhang, Y; Dong, L; Zhao, X; Liu, L; Lu, J; Lan, Y; Wei, H; Xin, L; Chen, Y; Xu, C; Chen, T; Zhu, Y; Jiang, T; Feng, Z; Yang, W; Wang, Y; Zhu, H; Guan, Y; Gao, G; Li, D; Han, J; Wang, S; Wu, G; Shu, Y201422
Complementary role of sperm sialyl-Lewis(x) binding proteins and sialidase on sperm-zona pellucida interaction in human
University of Ottawa.
Chiu, CN; Wang, Y; Huang, W; Lee, CL; Lam, KW; Yeung, WSB201440
dbPSHP: a database of recent positive selection across human populations
Nucleic Acids Research
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, J; Wang, Y; Xia, Z; Wong, MP; Sham, PC; Wang, JJ2014116
Effect of closure of live poultry markets on poultry-to-person transmission of avian influenza A H7N9 virus: an ecological study
The Lancet
The Lancet Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Yu, H; Wu, JTK; Cowling, BJ; Liao, Q; Fang, J; Zhou, S; Wu, P; Zhou, H; Lau, EHY; Guo, D; Ni, MY; Peng, Z; Feng, L; Jiang, H; Luo, H; Li, Q; Feng, Z; Wang, Y; Yang, W; Leung, GM201491
Ionic mechanism underlying distinctive excitability in atrium and ventricle of the heart
Acta Physiologica Sinica
Kexue Chubanshe. The Journal's web site is located at
Sun, H; Xiao, GS; Wang, Y; Li, GR201446
Characterization of functional ion channels in human cardiac c-kit+ progenitor cells
Basic Research in Cardiology
Springer Medizin. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhang, Y; Li, G; Che, H; Sun, H; Li, X; Au, TWK; Xiao, GS; Wang, Y; Li, GR201440
Dynamic behavior of lymphocyte subgroups correlates with clinical outcomes in human H7N9 infection
J Infect
Chen, Y; Li, X; Tian, L; Zheng, S; Yang, S; Dong, Y; Wang, Y; Cui, D; Liu, X; Liang, W; Chen, H; Li, L201415
Electromagnetic design of a new magnetic gear with electrically controlled gear ratios for hybrid electric vehicles
IEEE International Magnetics Conference
CHEN, M; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Wang, Y; LI, F; Ching, TW201415
Gastrodin ameliorates depression-like behaviors and up-regulates proliferation of hippocampal-derived neural stem cells in rats: Involvement of its anti-inflammatory action
Behavioural Brain Research
Wang, H; Zhang, R; Qiao, Y; Xue, F; Nie, H; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Peng, Z; Tan, Q201410
Improving multiple sequence alignment by using better guide trees
The 10th International Symposium on Bioinformactics Research and Applications
Zhang, Q; YE, Y; Lam, TW; Yiu, SM; Ting, HF; Wang, Y201416
Ferulic acid alleviates the symptoms of diabetes in obese rats
Journal of Functional Foods
Song, Y; Wu, T; Yang, Q; Chen, X; Wang, M; Wang, Y; Peng, X; Ou, S201412
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